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  • Posted to Flipping Typical — All of the typefaces in your computer on one easy page., Dec 19, 2013

    Love it.

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  • Posted to What's a good monitor for a graphic designer?, in reply to Daniel Golden , Dec 09, 2013

    No, not at all. And I've moved it around a bit too. Moving it from office to office as my freelance gigs changed.

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  • Posted to Indiephone - A new project from Aral Balkan, Dec 09, 2013

    More power to them, but this seems to fall into this category:

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  • Posted to What's a good monitor for a graphic designer?, Dec 09, 2013

    I bought a thunderbolt display a few years back and love it. The price is pretty high, but: 1. You can save a bit by buying refurbished. 2. It includes speakers which are quite good. If you would have otherwise bought an external set of desk speakers this will save you the desk clutter. 3. There is something to be said for having it look good. You're staring at this thing 10 hours a day. Most monitors are pretty ugly. This thing is just beautiful and inviting.

    Also agree with testing on other monitors as well. I've definitely run into that issue where you design a light gray background element or something and it completely disappears on a crappy monitor.

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