Martin Petersen

Martin Petersen

Berlin Art Director at VICE / Photographer / Founder of Sova Magazine Joined almost 5 years ago via an invitation from Cat N.

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  • Posted to Who is still designing desktop first?, in reply to Ignacio Palomo Duarte , Nov 29, 2016

    Of course that too. Just there are out of space reasons more possibilities to visualise things than in mobile. Not meaning that the mobile version sucks instead. Plus “most of your users” doesn't fit for all digital products / websites and sectors.

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  • Posted to Who is still designing desktop first?, Nov 29, 2016

    For Web, i design desktop and tablet first, since you get the whole picture and can design a more immersive and visually striking experience on a big screen, than on a mobile device. With mobile in mind from the beginning, a mobile version with some cuts of functionality and content, is easy to implement as well. When going mobile-first, you miss out a lot of possibilities that the web in full- and big-screen actually has to over. I guess, that's pretty common or?!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are your must-have Sketch plugins?, in reply to Alfred Clatworthy Holmen , Oct 18, 2016

    why need a machine telling you if you can read something or not? if the vision and understanding of other peoples vision of the designer isn't good enough to do that, then maybe stop designing in the first place ;)

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  • Posted to Tumblr as Moodboard for Designers, Feb 03, 2014

    a 5 year old curation on photography, editorial design and general aesthetics :)

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