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  • Posted to How do you go about building the right thing?, Aug 13, 2018

    I wish the process was easier, so far I've seen time and time again it's either having inside knowledge yourself being deeply involved and networked in an industry, or constant iteration within your space of choice continuously talking to users.

    I'd be curious to learn about which designers are figuring out what to build that quickly gets traction in their respective market.

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  • Posted to My biggest project so far: Story Chief, Aug 07, 2018

    Love this, more design founder products, hope to use this soon. Congrats!

    Could you talk a little about the evolution of the dashboard. When I login it looks plain whereas on the screen shot it seems more welcoming and full of stats. Is the screenshot a future version youre planning?

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  • Posted to AMA: Heyo, I'm Matt D. Smith, better known on the internet as @mds. Ask me anything., Aug 07, 2018

    As a technical designer/entrepreneur, what products would you like to build if you didn't have to worry about time or money for the next 2 years?

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  • Posted to Coverr 2.0: an "Unsplash for Videos", in reply to Yoav Hornung , Jul 30, 2018

    No problem! Hope it helps

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  • Posted to Coverr 2.0: an "Unsplash for Videos", Jul 29, 2018

    Lovely service just some feedback, I know this is a free product but I think the quality of curation is greatly lacking. When you go to Unsplash you can see the difference in quality on first look. I think that played a key role in setting the product apart from the other hundreds of stock photo sites.

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  • Posted to What if our graphics editor (e.g. Sketch) turned our designs into responsive web apps automatically?, Jul 27, 2018

    As I code and design I find myself looking for familiar patterns to add easily. For example, I needed to add a 2 column card layout where one side is an image the other some text and a button. I literally copied similar code from the top of our webpage and adjusted it to my needs. I think this world is coming much sooner than people think, starting with landing pages. In app design patterns are also starting to converge and standardize so I think we will see much more rapid creation there as well.

    I don't think it will be as free form as it is today, there will be a slightly larger learning hurdle, but it will be well worth it.

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  • Posted to Do you use Adobe Illustrator for your UI design work?, in reply to Troy Otts , Jul 26, 2018

    That's unfortunate, definitely keep playing with other tools in case you end up going to a different company some day!

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  • Posted to Do you use Adobe Illustrator for your UI design work?, in reply to Troy Otts , Jul 25, 2018

    How big is your team, and why is that?

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  • Posted to I just love this player, Jul 14, 2018

    While unique and interesting the actual UX of reading translations and watching the video didn't turn out well :(

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  • Posted to Stripe: About Us, Jun 12, 2018

    I like that cookie policy floating bar, didn't even notice it

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