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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe Design Brand Team, Aug 24, 2016

    Hey guys,

    1. How do you handle the feedback and was there a certain remark that really had a big influence on the current outcome of the rebranding?

    2. Was there a certain research method used before and during concept and design?

    Awesome work and all the best!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your suggestions for a Portfolio website width(mainly a fix-width )?, in reply to Niki Yu , Aug 16, 2016

    Hey Niki, sorry for the late response!

    Animation storyboard: I usually mockup the core-steps of the animation. If you want an element to rotate or move to another side, make some steps where the element is moved along the way, maybe add some motion blur to it for emphasis

    It's like cutting an actual animation in 4 pieces, but those 4 pieces explain the way it animates well enough.

    Images: I think someone here already explained it well for you ;)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your suggestions for a Portfolio website width(mainly a fix-width )?, Aug 12, 2016


    Question 1:

    As our fellow designers already said, you will need to clarify the breakpoints of the design so the developer knows how the website will behave when the screen is smaller. You can use a 1440 width for your page, but use a grid that will keep you within the boundaries for, let's say 1280(w).

    Question 2:

    I'm not a code expert, I can't make sexy animations in after effects, but I can mock them into some sort of storyboard for the developer. If that's not clear enough I sometimes make a quick gif animation with Photoshop to show the core of my idea for animation.

    Question 3:

    • Fonts: Typekit when CC user, Google Fonts or buy fonts on

    • Images: I recommend this blogpost by Ultralinx. They made a long list with all kinds of design assets you can use for free or paid. Some real cool stuff in there!

    Goodluck with you project!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you gather feedback on your design?, Jul 08, 2016

    With our designteam we use to show our designs and receive feedback and kudos of course. Works very well, you can upload and paste stuff from your clipboard or take screenshots using the OSX app.

    Your team will get a personal Wake 'space' and you'll get notified if someone uploaded anything or commented on your own post. With the use of hashtags you can organize different projects and check out the process from the first wip to the final design.

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