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  • Posted to AMA: Mikael Cho, CEO and Co-Founder of Crew and Unsplash, May 17, 2016

    Hey Mikael,

    Thanks for taking some time to answer questions. I had a question regarding the early stages of Crew. What motivated you to ship Crew with only a Mailchimp and Wufoo form? The reason I ask is due to myself being in a similar boat with a side project. I have fears that what I have is not substantial enough to generate interest. Is this one of those 'ship it and see what happens' scenarios?


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  • Posted to Ask DN: Fixed vs Hourly Price, May 04, 2016

    You should read this book by Dan Mall (

    It took me an hour to read and changed the way I charge for designs. I use to think I charged enough (hourly and fixed), but after reading this book, I realized I was undervaluing my time/skill set.

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