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  • Posted to The new Rainbow flag is a design disaster, in reply to Scott Thomas , Jun 16, 2018

    I don’t think anyone is saying it isn’t ok or good to explore alternative solutions. This one is just much worse than the current one because it added complexity and doesn’t personify acceptance or unity nearly as well.

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  • Posted to Design systems will never replace design jobs (here’s why), Jun 16, 2018

    Design systems realize their benefit for teams over a certain scale (lets say 5-6+ full time designers). At that point maintaining a design system across an organization IS a full-time job. Smaller teams don't usually have the time to focus on a system they aren't going to get that much value out of.

    I'd be truly surprised if this is becomes a common problem in the industry.

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  • Posted to Material Design is a political choice, in reply to P.J. Onori , Jun 13, 2018

    This. Why is this issue being framed so fanatically? It’s a bit ridiculous.

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  • Posted to Phase Magazine is live! Issue#1 - {The State Of Digital Design}, Jun 09, 2018

    I enjoyed this article. You hit on the fact that in the history of design everything from cars and furniture to architecture and posters had visual editors that work. Designers can use them to predict outcomes and make things with precision. Websites and apps are the only vertical that visual tools haven't hit the mark.

    Yet you never truly explore the rationale or reasons behind that—it's treated as a foregone conclusion that it's simply that our tools aren't good enough. But there is a lot to unpack there I feel this article doesn't do. There have been countless editors trying to crack this nut—why is it so hard? There must be unique challenges and barrier in the digital space going unacknowledged.

    Also, how DARE you rebrand party parrot for your explainer video.

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  • Posted to Phase Magazine is live! Issue#1 - {The State Of Digital Design}, in reply to Todd Cantley , Jun 09, 2018

    I too feel this way. The tools right now are better than they've ever been thanks to the extensibility of Sketch, and the advent of web technologies from the 2010's tech startup boom.

    I love being able to piece together my stack. The flexibility is such a benefit.

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  • Posted to Visual Inspector "Studio" early access for web designers, in reply to V. M , Jun 09, 2018

    Designer Code Peekaboo is my vote.

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  • Posted to WCAG AA Compliance and Card Patterns, Jun 09, 2018

    1) The colours themselves do not pass. The small font on each card (#7B7C80 or so which I pulled from a quick eyedrop) only has a 4.2 contrast ratio. You can use this tool to check it ( so you need to either darken that or increase the font size to 18pt.

    2) This design may simply have general usability problems – improving this benefits every user. Context is important though—if the entire site is a repo of websites you're providing for inspiration then a user may assume each card is a link... but maybe including a link action on the bottom right would make that association stronger. Can someone using it anticipate what an action will do? In this case you can simply measure that with a user test asking them to explain your website, followed by a task analysis usability test.

    I would assume this current design is not accessible. I say this because of what you said about focus and hover states...

    3) Cards generally shouldn't have focus states associated with them. This is not for just for blind users, it's for those with motor function impairments. The general rule of thumb is that only interactive elements should be in the tab order—so the link title should be the thing highlighting when a user hits TAB. It's highly unusual for someone to tab to a block-level parent. You'd also need to use aria-labeling to provide additional context.

    Lastly, ensure you're using semantics properly too. That's proper HTML. Links should always be anchors like Link with any additional aria label or aria-labelledby tags put in there for screen readers.

    Good luck! Honestly once you start designing with accessibility at the forefront your designs will improve from the outset, since half the battle of accessible digital experiences is simply good usability.

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  • Posted to Visual Inspector "Studio" early access for web designers, in reply to V. M , Jun 08, 2018

    Visual Studio is literally the name of an old Microsoft C# editor I believe. I too thought this was a Microsoft project.

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  • Posted to UX has become a commodity. Now what? , Jun 07, 2018

    This seems very agency-driven. Almost every tech company has a squad of designers and researchers trying to understand their users.

    Secondly your job is to advocate for users needs and solutions that can help them (so long as technology is the desirable fix). Growth, strategy and marketing all sound like skills for stuff other than user centric design. These skills are valuable in their own tracks but a practitioning ux designer shouldn’t need deep knowledge in them unless they’re on a growth team or ecommerce app. If your goal is to collect more billable hours and win RFPs sure... but that’s not design.

    Interesting topic.

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  • Posted to Made a guide on how to do good UX research, would love any feedback, Jun 01, 2018

    This is terrific. I'd be interested to see your section on ethnographic research. I just conducted a bunch over the last 3 weeks and could've used a guide to help myself brush up.

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