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  • Posted to Design tools are missing the point, Dec 13, 2017

    This sounds very complicated.

    Also I've never encountered an easier way to do animations (for web, anyway) than HTML and CSS. And I don't really endorse the "design is code!" mentality at all.

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  • Posted to Is UX dead?, Dec 13, 2017

    lol I've never seen an industry so willing to know-it-all itself out of existence..

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  • Posted to Design Principles, Dec 11, 2017

    I don't like it when principles articles intermix general design principles with specific product values. It would also be nice to see how these things actually manifest in the design (you know — the doing part).

    Often with principles I've experienced a lot of high-minded ideals with no way to tangibly implement them in reality. Those are bad principles.

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  • Posted to Can IBM Plex topple Helvetica?, Dec 09, 2017

    loool "IBM Plex" <- Like I want your corporate ad in my font list. This project didn't even start off on the right foot.

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  • Posted to Open Source Sketch, Dec 09, 2017

    The clean and simple and straightforward business model of Sketch is a positive piece of its overall experience.

    Sketch releases useful features quickly and with relatively high polish for Mac. It's a simple strategy that hits about 80%+ of what me and my team need to get done day-to-day. Its simple, straightforward business model signals to me the company is simple and straightforward.

    And at $99 a year is super cheap already. I would gladly pay 150 at this point.

    Adobe does this, btw. It's one of the reasons people perceive them as annoying even though their software engineering can be pretty groundbreaking at times.

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  • Posted to The State of UX in 2018, Dec 09, 2017

    Maybe this is relevant to the agency world. But I'd be surprised if this was at all relevant to the day-to-day tasks in-house designers face at tech companies.

    Calling the field Product Design over a UX Design isn't signalling progress or proliferation. It's a lateral move at best, and since a user experience often covers services and setting a vision/process for many customer touch points outside of just the actual 'product'... I'd say the rebrand is wholly unnecessary.

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  • Posted to The only design tool product teams need right now— InVision Studio, in reply to Arnold Rozon , Nov 28, 2017

    Hackintosh if price is the blocker, IMO.

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  • Posted to The only design tool product teams need right now— InVision Studio, Nov 27, 2017

    Honestly you'd have to be 10x better than Sketch to have me break away from it at this point. Sketch has a really chill and focused product strategy that seems to get me.

    There's a thirsty aspect to these all-in-one products that doesn't gel with me. And InVision prototyping, the thing I ACTUALLY USE IT FOR, has languished without major overhauls for almost 2 years now while they chased all sorts of new and shiny things.

    At this point if Sketch released a prototyping tool I'd probably be more apt to drop InVision and use them than the other way around.

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  • Posted to Question: Inhouse Brand Studios trying to be unique, Nov 22, 2017

    This is almost always a byproduct of separated or fragmented design functions within a company and a poorly run project.

    Websites are typically "owned" by marketing departments, since they're responsible for attracting new users to the product. So marketing often will have graphic/web designers there pushing that agenda. Websites take low/medium dev effort to change.

    Product will also have designers, pushing usability and feature work along to some metric of their own (renewals, user complaints, time-on-app, or even NPS if the product is massive). Products take large dev effort to change because of release plans. Changing a brand is almost by necessity a waterfall project, too.

    You have two design teams with misaligned goals. So you get fragmentation like this. Most companies have this kind of discord, to be honest. Org structure is the foundation that you can build great products on.

    I'd be surprised if Dropbox / Kickstarter product teams weren't trying to catch up to their new websites... or their entire product teams were disagreeing internally with changes to the brand they don't feel they were involved with.

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  • Posted to UX missing piece, Nov 21, 2017

    "Design without purpose is art"

    Uhh nope. A lot of art has great purpose.

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