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  • Posted to Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding, Mar 14, 2019

    I’m in to this. Sketch’s style of product design (so meta) is designer friendly. Great, reasonable pricing and quality releases (at least after the initial bugs). If they can put together a coherent strategy—which they’ve proven they excel at—I’m all ears because I know it’ll be very seamless.

    Invision’s product strategy is too thirsty (and it’s cohesion between products feel jerry rigged like Adobe... without even the years of debt) and needy. Figma is great but still doesn’t feel right when designing... like the UI gets in the way or something? Framer X is cool af but has a setup cost to import React components. So Sketch building out team features and better prototyping would be killer because they already have the root ‘designing’ toolset pretty spot on.

    I wonder if they’ll buy Zeplin?

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  • Posted to Terrible UX Design Job Descriptions (Or: How To Avoid Bad UX Design Jobs), Mar 12, 2019

    Good thoughts here. I think the subject is something a lot of designers could stand to benefit from—knowledge is power after all (I also like that you took a realistic stance: "Hey we all have to pay our bills...").

    – What's described in the article is 95% of the UX jobs

    – UX Design generally aligns with product—design thinking is just design-led product strategy (which is 'design' proper, but repackaged to sidestep the common misconception of design being the 'visuals')

    – I don't think a job description having HTML/CSS/JS is a death sentence. I don't believe all designers should code (I find it makes them scope down the imaginable because they're just thinking about the feasible) , but HTML and CSS are really easily understandable scripting languages (they require no programming logic and you won't often come across some kind of algorithmic demand to write logic). Knowing them is knowing how layouts work—which can only help you with composition.

    – I've hired many designers and I can tell you: Designers are not the same. Some are more engineering-centric (one of my highest performers is a systems engineer—she measures EVERYTHING). Some are product-centric (visionary, research based, feeling). Some are business-centric (business model and market positioning are key ingredients to great design work). So different types of roles just offers our profession a diversity of choices. The trick for a designer looking for work is to know the options and choose a role that fits them.

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  • Posted to Terrible UX Design Job Descriptions (Or: How To Avoid Bad UX Design Jobs), in reply to George Brown , Mar 12, 2019

    Maybe... maybe not. But I don't see what ad-hominem (personal) attacks are doing for you here. Debate him on the issues of the article IMO—not looking to discredit him because you don't think he has the "right" education.

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  • Posted to Productivity tool Notion nearly died in 2015 — but its unique design process helped save it. Here's the tactics they used., in reply to Giovanni Hobbins , Mar 09, 2019

    I buy the approach to brand and general principles. My question is why mutli-user iteration is necessary. FWIW I also think Notion has a great brand presence to it that I personally really love.

    What I want is an example of a Notion feature that started out as v1, and what explosively and divergently iterated on until they got to vFinal. The result isn't as important to me as the process and leadership/mgmt style it took to get here with a piece like this.

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  • Posted to Realtimeboard is now MIRO, Mar 08, 2019

    The faces is the shapes is awkward af but other than that they’ve executed on the clashy web style better than Dropbox did.

    I don’t really dig the style myself but it’s well done.

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  • Posted to Productivity tool Notion nearly died in 2015 — but its unique design process helped save it. Here's the tactics they used., Mar 08, 2019

    I’m curious to know how they’re defining “best”? Notion has great brand design but if the goal here was endless permutations (in Figma! TM) that the CEO could shed to shreds it feels akin to design-by-committee or micromanagement. Maybe they’re lucky the CEO has style for example? Best needs defining.

    The article is also light on details. I would love to see the actual evolution of a feature that they drew out in Figma. But the screenshots provided look like flows or wireframes. Showing more would help us all learn.

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  • Posted to User interfaces: hiding stuff should be a last resort, Mar 04, 2019

    Most designers don't control an ideal experience. They mitigate others decisions — progressively revealing things that doesn't fit the user task.

    This article is great food for thought. I would've liked more examples. Even just wireframe examples would've been helpful.

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  • Posted to Redesigning Github repository page, in reply to William Guerra , Mar 02, 2019

    I’m amazed by how many designers think clear definition of areas or borders are needless frills.

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  • Posted to What do you need to level up as an individual contributor?, in reply to Steven Cavins , Feb 28, 2019

    Most design artifacts are pretty much garbage as soon as they’re delivered and coded. Research done with users may be transferable, and I can see the need for tracking individual progress in larger teams but ultimately the coded thing IS the deliverable.

    Tear downs, personas, jtbd, wireframes and even prototypes have relatively short shelf lives after release.

    Version control always seemed like imposing github code methods on designers without a really strong reason. Most non-designers actually just want the link to the latest design with the recent feedback added. Abstract does help w that.

    But improved instincts? Not buying it.

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  • Posted to Where do you keep all your inspirations, which you can browse comfortably in 100% size without frames??, in reply to junjie shao , Feb 26, 2019

    Yeah this is what I do. Put stuff in folder -> press spacebar on first image in folder -> up and down arrows navigate the images with minimal UI.

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