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  • Posted to iPhone 11 Pro, Sep 11, 2019

    The cam lenses are almost comedic. The 11 is a bit cleaner than the 11 Pro but it’s still a lot of things peering out at the back.

    I’m glad I picked up my Xr last year. The battery and screen is really terrific. I’ll wait for next years overall (I’m not a great photographer). The colour options on the base 11s are all quite soft. The blue and coral from last years model were vibrant. But I kind of dig the switch in colour tones year to year.

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  • Posted to Figmac - Make Figma feel more at home on the Mac., Sep 09, 2019

    “The official Figma app weighs in at 132MB when installed on your Mac, this is mainly due to the fact it uses Electron. Figmac on the other hand is all native, which massively lowers the file size of the app to a jaw dropping 1.5MB. That makes Figmac around 88 times smaller than the official Figma app.”

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  • Posted to Dealing with condescending colleagues?, Sep 08, 2019

    I work primarily in tech companies. Most troublesome interpersonal issues I’ve seen were based on poor communication. These were overcome by integrating teams together and breaking down “ownership” silos. Work together and be candid.

    The other disfunction was personality driven. This usually ends in termination. There are a few flavours of this: the main one being when someone simply doesn’t value others input in the process or sees it as a burdensome obstacle to realizing their own vision (and the “vision” almost always poorly defined).

    On the opposite end of the spectrum there is the victim that is always being excluded. That never seems to get their just rewards from the team. Both personalities aren’t communicating effectively and manifest it aggressively or passively. Both are toxic. The second maybe moreso due to the subtlety of it. Less obvious to fix. Both require a metaphorical boot in the ass. But usually it’s not a great fit. Good balanced minds generally enjoy working together.

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  • Posted to Drama app - out of beta, in reply to Hadrien B , Sep 06, 2019

    Macs rulez Windows droolz

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  • Posted to Show DN: The most satisfying hover effect, Sep 06, 2019

    It’s pretty satisfying.

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  • Posted to The “Hover Effect” for Mobile Buttons, in reply to Jakub Foglar , Sep 06, 2019

    Let’s put aside the obvious fact that the on hover mobile “problem” has several workarounds (focus, active and blur states in addition to the ontouch event mentioned earlier). Lets sidestep that obvious fake problem.

    Logically if a button press “didn’t work” why would a user care what kind of feedback was given? Nothing happening IS the feedback. And if it did work they’d receive a state change of the page as feedback. It’s clear these articles have been written with no tests done to substantiate anything.

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  • Posted to Is human-centered design causing us suffering?, Sep 04, 2019

    I don’t believe human-centred design and sustainability are in opposition. Sustainability is in Dieter’s design principles after all and those are over half a century old. The cut in the shower door can still be used to turn on the cold water, should you desire that.

    I also believe you’re kidding yourself if you believe being a product designer professionally isn’t getting in bed w capitalism in some form. Not that I mind this, personally.

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  • Posted to Figma users be like:, Aug 30, 2019

    lol accurate

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  • Posted to Is this the future of Hiring?, Aug 29, 2019

    It's very nice. Would be helpful to show more rationale behind choices... the principles are so vague I struggle to find meaning in them. Most interview processes have clear "goal posts". For example... you actually SHOULD be using some kind of template to judge cross-functional skills. This removes some prejudice from the system because the scorecard is transparent.

    Scorecards can be tailored for roles. Tailoring this to individuals risks introducing a very obvious bias of hiring managers cherry picking attributes that aren't very relevant to the skills required to do a job.

    The visuals and concepts are pretty awesome.

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  • Posted to Basecamp Rebrand, Aug 29, 2019

    Same brand with a flat logo. The brand itself has the same level of visual noise and relies on "mark-up" style elements that overloads images with too much instruction. All of that was true before this, too.

    The flat logo is okay, though. And Basecamp is still a pretty terrific company.

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