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  • Posted to Sketch bug keeps causing my keyboard shortcuts to stop working!, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Aug 19, 2017

    From what I've seen Figma is a legit alternative—I just don't personally want browser chrome around my UI when I'm making stuff.

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  • Posted to Sketch bug keeps causing my keyboard shortcuts to stop working!, Aug 19, 2017

    It is absurd to blame Sketch for something a plugin you installed is causing. That's the nature of plugins—they're at the whim of the competency of the individual contributer. I've also been having a new issue with Craft where it's been continually syncing on my computer and causing my hard drive to fill up.

    Literally no one in this thread has questioned or accused InVision of being lax on quality.

    Sketch, replace InVision with your own cloud library functionality please. Would gladly pay monthly for it.

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  • Posted to Is it better for designers to be generalists or specialists?, Aug 19, 2017

    Both are useful. Early-stage companies favor generalists because they need someone who can fill multiple roles as needed. Larger companies with mature functions and established processes tend to benefit a mix, with an emphasis on really valuable specialist roles.

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  • Posted to What ToDo list are you using (more general, not only work)?, in reply to Ben Krogh , Aug 10, 2017

    Same. I just have a list of things at the corner left of my desk and cross things off as I get them done. I also make notes and such on new things added. Once the page gets full I take 5 minutes and rip the top page off, then create a new one on the on the page underneath.

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  • Posted to Don’t mistake common UI patterns for best practices, Aug 04, 2017

    It's not clear to me why these browsing patterns aren't "good". The author doesn't explain why, or in what situations, a GrubHub-style filtering system works better than Netflix "crazy cross-listing". They even showcase Hankr's solution which includes crazy cross-listing (except the categories are food specific).

    Maybe humans find their movies faster? Why are they dismissing a user quickly finding their show and converting to watch it as an undelightful experience?

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  • Posted to I gave myself 21 nights to design and build my portfolio site from the ground up. This is what happened., Aug 02, 2017

    It's great! One thing: I had to kind of scroll up and down to forward/backwards arrow on the sliders to see the content and then reach the controls at the same time.

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  • Posted to Feature Creep Isn't the Real Problem, Aug 01, 2017

    This article is very insightful. I do think one of the chief purposes of UX design is to trace back odd structures and iron them out for the end-behaviour that provides a good experience.

    There's also a 3rd option: Your product thrives in beta/experimental territory. There's a mantra CEO's often have to take risks and try new things. This philosophy can permeate the very value you provide to your customers. Maybe they're along for the ride.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Microsoft Design releases Adobe XD toolkit for Fluent Design, in reply to Maxwell Lind , Jul 26, 2017

    It's a good resource and it's labelled clearly. No shame in this game.

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  • Posted to Making Websites Better through Accessibility, Jul 24, 2017

    Where I work we had to redo a lot of the key paths in our app to make them accessible. A little bit of education up front could have saved us thousands in time and training. Now all net-new design hires are given 3rd party accessibility training.

    For how little investment it takes from a designer to make things pleasant and accessible I'd say it's well worth the time and money to brush up on this stuff.

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  • Posted to Sooo I tried "Flow" from Dan Ross, in reply to Derek Knox , Jul 23, 2017

    True, but good luck writing an entire magazine spread just to "block out what it looks like". That was one of the benefits of using lorem ipsum in the first place—it provided a general word count easily and consistently for editorial layouts.

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