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  • Posted to What tools can I use to create a guided tour (walkthrough) of my web app ?, Mar 08, 2016

    I kind of get the feeling that http://whatfix.com is the best fit for you!

    It allows the creation of interactive tours on any website/web-app. The creation is so simple that all you have to do is get the Whatfix extension and then go about choosing each step that you want your users to perform. And the best thing, once you create a walkthrough on Whatfix it is automatically converted into multi formats like Video, Slideshow, Article and PDF.

    For businesses, you can avail a tailor-made plan, depending on your usage with Whatfix's Enterprise edition. And startups can use Whatfix's free Community version till they decide to go all-in and utilize the rest of the features of Whatfix.

    To get a free trial of Whatfix - http://whatfix.com/business/free-trial/

    Disclosure: I'm a product evangelist of Whatfix. Helping people understand its usability and capabilities. :)

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