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  • Posted to How to Share a Design System in Sketch, Part 3: InVision Craft and, Dec 22, 2016

    Thanks for posting, Michael! We hope the series provides a useful overview of the different options available today. Happy to hear if there are additional resources you think should be included, and happy to address more questions in this thread.

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  • Posted to Design Assets Cloud for Sketch - share symbols, colors, text styles, in reply to Grady Kelly , Jul 31, 2016 is free for up to two people, so if you work at a startup or a small company you typically pay nothing. provides a deep integration with Sketch - you can add text styles, symbols, and colors to your document and manage them from the native Sketch UI.

    The cloud provides a convenient source of truth for both designers and developers. can export style data to Sass, Stylus and other styling frameworks. It enables developers to connect to a design library and pull style files to their development environment via a script.

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