Stefan Trkulja

Stefan Trkulja

Front-end designer Joined almost 4 years ago via an invitation from Nemanja N.

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, What's your typical day like?, in reply to Emily Hall , Sep 19, 2017

    That's a rather quick lunch.

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, What's your typical day like?, in reply to Jon Myers , Sep 19, 2017

    "Work in focused pomodoros for 30 - 50-minute sprints depending on the tasks at hand." Use any app for this?

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  • Posted to FindRap, Discover Best Hip-Hop Music, in reply to Pouria Ezzati , Aug 14, 2017

    Oh wow, for a first project it's more than great! :)

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  • Posted to FindRap, Discover Best Hip-Hop Music, Aug 13, 2017

    Hey, cool idea! Implementation leaves something to be desired, though.

    I wish it wasn't all moving around so much, and that I didn't need so many clicks until I get to hear anything. Actually, going to "best new albums" doesn't even let me hear anything. Maybe take cues from -- similar theme but the interface is not in your way.

    Also, this is just too corny/white man: Screenshot

    Other than that, good luck! I starred you on github, looking forward to new iterations.

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  • Posted to A WebVR creation tool, in reply to Nick Matarese , Aug 09, 2017

    I'm sure it's accidental, but I really thought I am looking at something sponsored by Snapchat.

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  • Posted to File sharing for creators, in reply to Milos Stokic , Aug 03, 2017

    Yes I did, but I only learned it after going through the trouble of watching the whole video. That's why I think it's a shame you don't show off those cool features right away.

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  • Posted to File sharing for creators, Aug 02, 2017

    The design is nice enough, however I am not sure I'd stop and try this based on the website alone. The advantages of your platform should be a bit more clear without having to play through a live-action video.

    I also think you missed an opportunity to create a drag and drop feature in the hero section, and after that to try and onboard the user with the file they just uploaded and show a quick tutorial.

    I have no doubt that your product is cool, I just think you've hidden it from your potential users.

    In any case, good luck! :)

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  • Posted to Visual Sugar, Jul 29, 2017

    Thank you for this wonderful insight, Linkbait-Article-#32403-on-the-subject-of-eye-candy!

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  • Posted to Daniel De Laney is a designer: My new portfolio, Jul 17, 2017

    You have some really great work inside of that portfolio! However, the homepage is rather dull and a potential client might not dig further down.

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  • Posted to ASK DN : Do we have any Live Designing? Similar like Twitch Live Coding?, in reply to Alberto G. de la Cruz , Jul 09, 2017

    Any more channels like this one by Mackenzie Child? Looks great.

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