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Emily Bennet

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  • Posted to Facebox - stock photos/avatars of real people, in reply to Matt Milosavljevic , May 06, 2014

    Good find! The API is great, thank you for sharing :-)

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  • Posted to Show your Bag/Backpack, Apr 29, 2014

    It's not quite a backpack but for daily to/from the office I use a Patagonia Half Mass I've had for a few years now. If you just need to bring your laptop somewhere but don't want to haul the entire bag with you, you can jettison the laptop compartment by removing the three clips inside, which doubles as a nice padded pouch for your computer. On average I'm transporting my 13" MacBook, sketch book, headphones, and iPad Mini with room to spare.

    Half Mass Yellow

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  • Posted to Pied Piper, in reply to Emily Campbell , Apr 21, 2014

    Same guy, his name is Zach Woods.

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