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  • Posted to Sketch Confetti: Plugin to generate confetti, Apr 28, 2017

    Guys..are we seriously this lazy to need to use a script to automate a pattern layout? smh

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  • Posted to Meet the new Bitbucket , Apr 28, 2017


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  • Posted to Blunt. As Fuck., Apr 26, 2017

    To be blunt:

    It goes without saying (WE HOPE) that we focus on user experience.

    Well my user experience is annoyed by the tone of your site.

    We created Blunt out of a need to create things that HELP, CHALLENGE, and INSPIRE.

    SHOW. Do not tell. I am not inspired by empty words.

    We want this to be a home for our creations (A LIBRARY OF SORTS)

    You mean portfolio? Yet no work at all. At least combine portfolios from your last gigs if you are starting up a new studio and have no work. Fake it till u make it homie.

    We create things to help people.

    Generic throwaway sentence. This is not BLUNT...this is ambiguous. You need to stay on brand for yourself throughout.

    We make it human. The best experiences are honest ones, and we don’t shy away from that.

    Honestly, your site doesn't seem very human or honest. It feels rather cold and comes across as a weird try-hard hipster steez. This may be because its lacking in content. Right now, it just doesn't have an effortless cool, professional tone about it.

    Start over.

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  • Posted to You're not just a designer... you're a full-stack designer, Apr 25, 2017

    I know all the apps in the creative cloud. Am I full stack?

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  • Posted to Freelance Architect. Beautiful portfolio, in reply to Michael Mckeever , Apr 24, 2017

    He posted it as a portfolio of work (Which is very beautiful). The content. Not an evaluation of backend technology of what its built on.

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  • Posted to Diversity in Designer News, in reply to Mike Kingsborough , Apr 13, 2017

    I think most of it stems from people being in the product bubble. When someone does post something out of the box, it usually gets a lot of hate. Thinking different is discouraged here. If you design a weird or creative website, it is tabled as trendy or 'brutalist'(we love lables here). If you dare to break a traditional UX pattern to evolve and bring a new perspective...you are doing it WRONG. If you post graphic design here you are a hipster art student and will not get up votes. I think this is now the mentality of the digital designer on DN.

    People looooooove talking about tools here. So many threads about what tools do you use etc. Whats your stack bro?...I think its because these designers think having the latest tool will somehoew make them a better designer by somehow giving an edge. But, real designers know good ideas will always make you a better designer.

    Lastly, I think most people here are so obsessed with aesthetics and trends (trendlists yay!) they forget about thinking conceptually solving problems like we where taught in design school. This is why design looks so templated now. All the startups jock each others gradient colors, and use the same illustration style. What happened to being different and standing out? I really miss seeing design work that makes me say "FUCK, I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT." That kind of work is inspiring and needs to be posted more.

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  • Posted to Diversity in Designer News, Apr 13, 2017

    Agree. I think it's because DN was supposed to be the web designers version of HackerNews. So when the product and UX designers became the majority of this site, it drove out the other disciplines and gave no reason for more traditional designers who still might visit to post creative work or news.

    Now DN only has articles about Sketch updates, content marketing and UX. Sad!

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  • Posted to Design Trends for Online Magazine Blogs, Apr 06, 2017

    "Top 7 Trends for an Online Magazine to Follow in 2017"

    Lead, don't follow.

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  • Posted to Are We Hitting “Peak Design”?, Apr 05, 2017

    You might be hitting "peak design" but i'm good.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Patchwork Architecture , in reply to B G , Mar 24, 2017


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