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  • Posted to NASA's 1976 Graphic Standards Manual (Full PDF), in reply to Alex Chan , Sep 11, 2015

    really good to hear. the resell has been all over the place...

    i know they said it was a one time thing, but i imagine demand has been crazy

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  • Posted to LayerVault Announces Sale of Designer News, May 22, 2015


    Not sure if this will show up, but

    Under the new stewardship, do we really need the real, full name policy?

    (I consider this a core difference in opinion and don't really want to open up a huge debate about this)

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  • Posted to overrides user's 'Do Not Track' preference to "Personalize [their] experience"., in reply to Andrew Pairman , Jun 16, 2014

    I'd argue that Medium's response is the responsible thing to do.

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  • Posted to overrides user's 'Do Not Track' preference to "Personalize [their] experience"., in reply to Bryce Driesenga , Jun 16, 2014


    In principal, I'd imagine there's a weird challenge in trying to maintain a DNT request for a user that's logging in to a creation/consumption site.

    It seems like tracking is fundamental when you're running a service like this. Upon some more thinking, I realized I wasn't 100% sure on the exact implications of what a DNT header meant and a quick glance at Wikipedia acknowledges ambiguity in what it exactly means as well.

    Assuming the picture isn't enlarged in anyway, it seems like a very reasonable disclosure. Based on my current knowledge of the issues, I think it's very responsible as well. It'd be a completely separate issue if they weren't honouring DNT on a regular Medium article you've opened without being logged in.

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  • Posted to Photoshop for Design, Jun 14, 2014

    While I'm not sure if this was announced in the even that was being discussed in this respective thread:

    That's what I predicted and commented (aside: we can't direct link comments on DN?). it's not like this is something that's hard to foresee. Now I just wonder if Adobe can launch and work quick and fast enough to stop Sketch

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  • Posted to Fix poor font rendering on Chrome (Windows), Jun 13, 2014

    Anyone have an example of the poor anti-aliasing? the actual issue isn't ringing a bell.

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  • Posted to Any ideas in what adobe has in store? "Everything is new again", Jun 12, 2014

    Sketch like features or other offerings meant as a competitor to it?

    (I haven't got around to trying sketch yet)

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  • Posted to Graphic Designer Uses 'The Simpsons' to Redesign NHL Logos, in reply to Archie Bagnall , Jun 09, 2014

    actually to learn/improve your craft - but so regularly I feel this to not be the case.

    just because it's not necessarily a new skill or something particularly challenging, I don't see how this isn't learning or improving your craft.

    We talkin' bout practice!?

    We like to do things for the sake of it, or just for the 'art' of it. The internet just allows people to get that exposure. I will say, I don't like the pandering for likes you see sometimes though.

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  • Posted to What will navigation patterns look like in the next 5 years?, Jun 07, 2014

    Taking it a bit literally to mean web navigation, I think in the short term, things have the potential to change quite a bit.

    I'm a strong believer that the web should be just the 'plumbing' behind everything. Ideas like the internet of things are of the same vein. When you consider how mobile apps have evolved and how Google is approaching things with the Chrome team (as an iOS, and potentially as framework for the internet of things), the internet is gradually reaching that approach where we don't have to think about opening a browser.

    In other words, I see the web reaching true ubiquity in its application as being a significant factor that will change the way users navigate their digital worlds. I have no idea what it will look like, but that will be a huge factor.

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