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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, in reply to Tiago Franco , Mar 19, 2020

    I guess it's just a marketing strategy. they have to make enough "upgrades"

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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, in reply to Jonah Grindler , Mar 19, 2020

    yeah. Being unable to know the precise position is fatal for professional usage. I hope Apple can provide a better solution

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  • Posted to Font size naming convention, in reply to Ed P , Nov 20, 2019

    Yes indeed. Shirt sizing system is scalable(to some extent), easy to understand and can tell default option. I used it in other foundation elements, too

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  • Posted to Font size naming convention, Nov 20, 2019

    [Heading|body|caption] x [tshirt sizing like xs/s/m/l/xl/xxl]

    Setting a default size based on function, and being flexible for different hierarchy are both important. That's why I came up with this naming: "m" for default, and other for adjustment.

    Additionally I found people have different definition about "caption" and "subtitle". So I removed "subtitle". (I see caption a must-have to prevent people from using too-small body text)

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  • Posted to Designing accessible color systems, Oct 18, 2019

    Using Lab space is not new, but the tool they made is impressive.

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  • Posted to Why use letter-spacing in lowercase?, in reply to Yuri Frolov , Oct 11, 2019

    Basically a font has its own expected usages and specs like letter-spacing, kerning and tracking is set based on that usage. Fonts like Helvetica Now and Apple SF has variation for small text, whose letter-spacing is significantly looser than its default variation.

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  • Posted to Sketch for Teams beta is out now, Jul 25, 2019

    I've turned to Figma already but it's really good to know that Sketch will have realtime collaboration feature in this year. Sketch will also provide API for 3rd-party apps like Figma API. I wonder how Figma will react to Sketch's change

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  • Posted to Introducing Vectary 3.0: The future of the web is 3D and AR, Mar 04, 2019

    very impressive rendering speed. I'am fed up with Adobe Dimension's speed...

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  • Posted to Figma now has Overlays, Dec 04, 2018

    Overlay in Figma came a little bit late than XD but the final solution looks nice. I especially love the usage of Multiple Overlays & Interactions on Overlays

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  • Posted to How do you document design system?, Nov 27, 2018

    have you checked this series of posts? https://medium.com/eightshapes-llc/documenting-components-9fe59b80c015

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