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  • Posted to anyone is actually doing full time remote work?, in reply to Rowan Villa , Nov 10, 2018

    +1 on having a dedicated work area.

    I work in a coworking space. I enjoy the separation it gives me between home time and work time, and the 20 minute walk into work gives me time to think about stuff. And it guarantees that I’ll meet and talk to people throughout the day.

    If you pick a coworking space with set opening hours (eg: 9 to 6) that can help you avoid overworking too.

    A coworking space might feel like a huge expense, but it’s worth it if it makes you more productive, and helps you enforce a healthy work/life balance.

    Also look up local creative / freelance / coworking meetups. In Liverpool, we have a group called "Jelly Liverpool" that gives local freelancers / remote workers a free day coworking in a different space every Thursday. Maybe there are similar things where you live?

    Do you track your time / fill in timesheets at the end of every day? If not, you should. It’s a quick way to force yourself to notice when you’re working more than your target number of hours. The charity I work for uses Freckle, but I’m sure there are lots of alternatives out there.

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  • Posted to anyone is actually doing full time remote work?, Nov 09, 2018

    Another remote designer here – working for the 100% remote charity mySociety for the last 4 years. I work in a coworking space a 20 minute walk from my home, in a mid-sized city in the UK. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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  • Posted to What Tools You Use to Test IE on Mac?, in reply to Fatih Turan , May 07, 2017

    +1 for BrowserStack – especially for open source organisations. When we’ve had to contact support, they’ve been great, and they give the charity I work for ( a free account because pretty much all of our work is open source.

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  • Posted to What Tools You Use to Test IE on Mac?, in reply to Emil Edeholt , May 07, 2017

    On some of the sites my charity is responsible for, there are still non-negligible cohorts of IE8 and IE9 users. I usually end up testing in IE11, IE10 (usually no different to IE11), IE9, and, mostly out of curiosity, IE8.

    With something like BrowserStack, this sort of quick testing is actually much easier than when we used to faff around with local VMs.

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  • Posted to Any recent (within last 6 mo.) experience with Google Drive vs. Dropbox for design?, Apr 20, 2017

    I’m one of two designers in our organisation. We store all of our design source files (about 9GB) in Google Drive.

    We rarely "collaborate" on the same file at the same time, but we often do access files previously made by each other, to make changes or export new assets. We work in a mixture of Sketch and Photoshop. It’s rare for our Sketch files to reach more than 10MB in size, but we have a few ~100MB files (mostly due to bitmap image backgrounds) and they’ve been synced fine.

    The Google Drive mac client generally works fine. And once you’ve worked out how to navigate the Google share dialog, we find sharing files with internal team members, or external partners/customers is just as easy as Dropbox.

    95% of the time we just have Google Drive running in the background and never have to think about it.

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  • Posted to What are some good mobile UI examples for multiple choice questions/answers?, in reply to Mike Markoglou , Apr 18, 2017

    I wonder whether you can make it so that scrolling doesn't take you to the next question if there is more content below the fold in the current question? (I think Typeform does this.)

    Alternatively, if your choices/answers are very short, maybe you could do something like the iOS Apple Music "tell us what you like" interface, where the options are presented in a 2-dimensional wall of bubbles, and the user presses all bubbles applicable to them.

    Apple Music

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  • Posted to What are some good mobile UI examples for multiple choice questions/answers?, Apr 18, 2017

    Have you tried just a list of checkboxes, one per line?

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  • Posted to Git Logo Design Guide Feedback, Apr 16, 2017

    I guess every designer will be different, but for me, SVG and transparent PNG are the only two formats I ever use.

    Is that documentation site on GitHub anywhere? I've noticed lots of spelling mistakes, but when I looked for a GitHub repo link, to submit a pull request fixing them, I couldn't find one.

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  • Posted to Help! Advice please - would you leave your email on this site?, Mar 20, 2017

    FYI: I'm browsing on an iPad, and some of the text in your background image gets hidden behind the white form box. Maybe move the text in the background image off center?

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  • Posted to Paper for Mac (Unofficial), in reply to Jonathan Simcoe , Jan 12, 2017

    He uses the "vibrancy" option to BrowserWindow, in main.js. More info here:

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