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  • Posted to The adJelly Size Guide 2.0, Mar 30, 2017

    To answer a few questions here. There are 2 reasons I posted the PH link instead of the direct link.

    1) DN doesn't allow you to post the same link twice and our URL has not changed since the update

    2) We re-launched it on PH today with all the new stuff. When you hit the link you land on a page that very clearly has 2 options: 'Get it' or a number with an up arrow to vote. You have a choice.

    I completely get the cynicism but I'm finding it extremely hard to post anything anymore without a an 'over sensitive' reaction with negative connotations. We can only work with what we have and thought it would be a little pointless to write that as a full explanation.

    I don't mind making adjustments if more people think it's necessary.

    and Christian, to your comment of 'keeping shit like this out' - this is a super useful, FREE resource that we created for people that this community supposedly represents.

    It's like owning a bakery and getting shit for giving out a load of free cupcakes! Yeah I want you to come again but I'm still giving you something, you don't have to take it if you don't want..

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  • Posted to The adJelly Size Guide 2.0, Mar 30, 2017

    Hey everyone - we've completely redesigned the site and added a few more channels and features since the last time. The community seemed to love 1.0 so would be interested to hear thoughts on the new version.

    Either way - it's pretty useful and it's yours now so enjoy

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  • Posted to adJelly - Your Linkedin size guide, in reply to Alim Maasoglu , Feb 02, 2017

    Fair comment.

    It's a weird one because there's a lot I don't like about LinkedIn either and as you wouldn't need a genius to make it happen, just some good solid UI/UX peeps

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  • Posted to adJelly - Your Linkedin size guide, in reply to Alim Maasoglu , Jan 25, 2017

    What's that Alim? You don't like the new stuff from LinkedIn or just the site in general? :)

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  • Posted to adJelly — Downloadable Sketch Packs for Social Media Ad Sizes, in reply to Cecil Lancaster , Nov 24, 2016

    Haven't been on for a while Cecil - that's weird though..

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  • Posted to The 20% rule has gone..but it's better to pretend it's still here, Jun 20, 2016

    Yes, it's true! No more 20% image text rule. Facebook Ads with text on the image will now be classified as OK, Low, Medium and High. BUT the more text you have, the less people your ads will reach

    Months ago we created this pretty simple tool to keep track of your 20%. Seeing that the rule has gone but the effect hasn't, I'd recommend you stick to 20 unless you have a really good reason not too :)

    oh Facebook.

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  • Posted to Correct sizes for FB Canvas ads , in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , May 04, 2016

    Hey Thomas thanks for the feedback dude. It's a work in progress as we launched early but everything there is legit :)

    List a concerns if you could so that we can cross those against what we're already working on and make sure we fix things that are worrying users.

    *Direct is always best

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  • Posted to Correct sizes for FB Canvas ads , May 04, 2016

    Sketch files are next. Let us know what you need in the size guide and we'll get it done asap!

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  • Posted to A gem to find images! free and paid , May 02, 2016

    I love Pexels but dashmote collects all the images from many different sites and makes them searchable in one place.

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  • Posted to Social Sign ups are the way forward , Apr 29, 2016

    I realised that this was posted yesterday by someone else but came across it on my Muzli and think it's an interesting point for discussion.

    The stats in the article are convincing, I'm sure there are times when social signups aren't the best way, perhaps when dealing with certain demographics or a specific product but in my experience, they are no longer the exception but the norm and people feel comfortable using them.

    In short - they work.

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