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  • Posted to Please add a "Tools" badge option to DN, in reply to Daniel Golden , Sep 12, 2018

    I totally agree, actually. I have them blocked in Adblocker and it really cleans the site up for me, and makes it easier to focus on the content.

    The badges were nice when there was 1-2 per page, and the badges actually told you something. Now that there are a half dozen categories and 2/3rds of all posts have one, it looks very cluttered.

    What does the community manager think? @SpenserWolz

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , in reply to Wesley Haines , Sep 11, 2018

    This is the new "Edward Macaroni Fork"

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , in reply to Spenser Wolz , Sep 11, 2018

    I like that better personally. With comments, if I'm interested in the topic I'll scroll down regardless of who thinks what. But we need more curation on the frontpage and hopefully downvoting can get us that.

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , Sep 10, 2018

    Looking a bit strange on Safari relative to Chrome. I assume Chrome is the intended behavior.

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  • Posted to "global village coffeehouse," the 90s aesthetic we all forgot about, in reply to Mikael Staer , Sep 07, 2018

    Me too! It felt too much like clip art to me

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  • Posted to N’night app icon, Aug 06, 2018

    I agree, there's too much going on. I'd consider making the "n'" the primary element, and maybe try blurring it a little to give the impression of falling asleep while viewing it.

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  • Posted to Help! Need some feedback, in reply to Scott Barron , Jul 06, 2018

    Thanks for sharing this. Fell for one of these a while back, its interesting to learn where that's coming from and what's driving it. Sorry to say, seems like OP fell for the drop shipping tutorials.

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  • Posted to Can everyone be a designer?, in reply to Sandro Cantante , Jun 22, 2018

    Practice. Expose yourself to design work that others like. Collect examples of design you like. Eventually your brain can learn from a wide enough sample. Its improvable for anyone, but if you have an eye to begin with, you'll go a lot further because its easier.

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  • Posted to Can everyone be a designer?, Jun 21, 2018

    I think Ratatouille said it best: "I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau's famous motto: "Anyone can cook." But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."

    So, no. Not everyone's cut out to be a designer. There are some people who simply do not have an eye for it. You can improve your eye for good or bad design, but not everyone can improve it enough to be a successful designer.

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  • Posted to Ask DN : What are the core problems while working with Type for any project?, in reply to Neel Kadia , Jun 08, 2018

    For sure. Well I mean, I feel like many designers would feel the same way about machine learning replacing any aspect of their job. I'm just not sure if machine learning is able to replace a tool, I think instead its better suited to (eventually) replacing some things the designers do.

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