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  • Posted to Absurd Design, Mar 07, 2019

    I love this. You know why? It's different! In a web where everything is pretty much the same, styles aside, this stands out.

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  • Posted to Expensify's 5M$ Superbowl Ad Teardown, Feb 11, 2019

    I agree with some of the points about how to start it, but it looks like it's been tweaked since then so is a little better.

    For me, I started reading the article before I noticed the 3px progress slider at the very bottom of the page. After I already clicked like 10x and then saw that it wasn't even 1/7 of the way through... I was done.

    I was looking for 3 things when I clicked the article:

    1. What's this advert you wanted to call out? (I'm interested)
    2. What's so good/bad about it? (Give me your POV)
    3. What did that advert do for them/you & why? (Metrics/Insights)

    My suggestions - make your argument shorter and snappier and think about doing it all in one page that a user can scroll/skim that type of info. Other than that, your design and illustrations are great. Good job :-)

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  • Posted to Figma Fonts Playground System, Feb 07, 2019

    Very nice @R.Kamushken!

    One point, and this also relates to your other design kits (which I bought all of them yesterday), your naming conventions could be a little more generic. For example, the type styles names are called things like 96 sp • H1 / Abril Fatface.

    An issue with that, is that if I change the font size, it's no longer 96! Same if I changed the typeface, it's no longer Abril! Then I end up with type styles that confuse me when actually it's something like 72pt H1 / Work Sans!

    This is more a suggestion for your other kits rather than this one, but perhaps just something simpler like H1, H2, body, etc., would be enough?

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  • Posted to This Video Shows Our New Design Editor For WordPress. Relevant Here?, Nov 25, 2016

    Life-changing. You'll never use WordPress the same EVER again!

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  • Posted to Courage - Never lose your AirPods again!, Sep 10, 2016

    The name of it though... courage is wearing those earphones without your product.

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