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  • Posted to 2 x Dribbble invites up for grabs!, Oct 01, 2019

    х2 invites are ready for the giveaway.

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  • Posted to Stubborn - Free Illustrations Generator, Jun 19, 2019

    Oh, cheese, so hot discussion! Thank you guys for your feedback and support. About me, I agree with Bradley Taunt. Every tool on the Internet is calibrated with a price and quality. Downloading free and looking good product, be ready for many similar solutions from competitors. If you pay a higher price, you can get some unique designs. It's simple. It's the market. So actually designers and startup owners should decide to use free sources or not, for each project separately.

    PS. For Wes Oudshoorn. Of course, you can! Just change colors on the left side of artboards and they will be changed everywhere.

    PS2. UPD Here was a PH link.

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  • Posted to Black Friday deals for designer tools., Nov 22, 2018 UI Resources for Designers and Developers

    Grab all Craftwork assets with 50%. Just use code BF2018 while checkout

    And much much more.

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  • Posted to Symbol design system: Pre-release, Feb 02, 2018

    Hello community!

    This is a new product to design in Sketch and I can say this is not just another UI Kit. You’re getting not only the cool graphics but also the smart system of nested symbols. You can change just one of them to change all the related components in all artboards. And you can do it easily in a few clicks. That what we were working on last month. Now it is ready and we start the presentation activity. Now the ship website is ready as well as an upcoming project on PH and of course, we post on Dribbble & Instagram. Hope it will be pretty soon!

    Upcoming on PH:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Black Friday 2017, any deals for designers?, Nov 23, 2017


    Black Friday Craftwork Discount! 50% off on every our product!

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    Use coupon code black50 while checkout. The deal is active for one week only, from 20 to 27 November.

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