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  • Posted to is shutting down, in reply to Tony Gines , Jan 14, 2017

    Well the original product was supposed to be an App store for Facebook, but when Facebook said "You can't make a product that competes with our App store" they changed the product direction, but not the name.

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  • Posted to New Browser Opera Neon for Mac, in reply to Tony Gines , Jan 12, 2017

    That's also built into Safari in Sierra. You just have to right click twice due to Google's context menu hijacking.

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  • Posted to New Browser Opera Neon for Mac, Jan 12, 2017

    This thing looks amazing, but performance wise I can't switch to this from Safari.

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  • Posted to How Yahoo came up with its new name: Altaba, Jan 10, 2017


    The new name is meant to be a combination of the words “alternative and Alibaba,”

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  • Posted to Awwwards 2016 Nominees, in reply to Thomas Palumbo , Jan 06, 2017


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  • Posted to Any designers using 12" Macbook?, Dec 27, 2016

    I have this same vision (add Xcode and a few other things), but from what I've heard, the processor in the MacBook One is a bit to slow that it probably won't be a pleasant experience.

    The MacBook One does look amazing every time I see it.

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  • Posted to NASCAR unveils first new logo in four decades, Dec 26, 2016

    So many rebrands in 2016!

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  • Posted to Apple Adds 21 Beautiful New Aerial Screensavers to tv, Dec 18, 2016

    My mother in law was at our house 2 weeks ago and she literally said:

    Are there anymore? I've seen all of these.

    On another note, does anyone know what these are being filmed with: Drone/Helicopter ?

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  • Posted to 2016 in Design, in reply to Adam Brace , Dec 14, 2016

    Designers are coding.

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  • Posted to Hyper v1.0.0, in reply to Matthew Ström , Dec 12, 2016

    Hyper is my main terminal too, but I have the opposite sentiments about electron for Slack and Hyper.

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