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  • Posted to Password Strength Visualization, in reply to Dario Farina , Apr 18, 2018

    Yeah, I thought it was backwards as well.

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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, in reply to Stephen Olmstead , Mar 25, 2018

    I have a question on that timeline. Why is it on the left hand side and not on the bottom? Every notable application video, animation, and editing applicatoin back to the Macromedia days has a vertically stacked timeline. What led to the decision to make it horizontally stacked?

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  • Posted to Light Phone 2, Mar 04, 2018

    I was just looking for a phone like this last week. I think I'm going to go with the next version of the MP01 once they add 4g.

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  • Posted to The Transportation Renaissance, Feb 21, 2018

    I posted this here because designers of all types are needed in this area. It seems like a lot of people are focused on mobile, app, and web design, but there is a huge opportunity to create interfaces, interactions, and experiences that can shape transpiration for the next century.

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  • Posted to Fluid Slider Android [Kotlin, Open Source], Feb 12, 2018

    Ramotion crew is back at it!

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  • Posted to Kap - Screen recording, now with plugins. Redesigned., Feb 01, 2018

    What makes this better than Quicktime?

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  • Posted to Hard time adapting to using Xcode, Dec 28, 2017

    As someone who has been developing iOS apps for nearly 10 years, I can tell you that Xcode is not the best IDE. It's got a lot of quirks and drawbacks from a traditional web development standpoint. There is a mind shift that needs to be done to get into the Apple way of doing things. For some this is quick and for others it takes a bit longer.

    In terms of layout, auto-layout is really painful if you're coming from the web, but what Or said is right, check out UIStackView. It's similar to <tables> in the web development world and you can compose them to get whatever UI you want.

    I would say check out Meng To's Design Code[1] program. He really does a good job of helping you understand what you need to understand without having to know what you don't.

    [1] -

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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher teased in new sneak-peek video, Dec 15, 2017

    I don't even need this, but I'm buying it because I support Affinity.

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  • Posted to I'm going to do an percentage calculator app for OS X any UI designer willing to collaborate?, Dec 15, 2017

    This seems crypto related because I just got up to calculate my percentage gains on an alt-coin. Anyways I use Numi. Because it has a clear way of describing what you want and you can also save results to variables for other operations later.

    5.12 as a % of 0.45

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  • Posted to I Love Your Comment, Dec 05, 2017

    Hah... how do you find this stuff!?

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