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  • Posted to Boxy 2 is here!, in reply to Eduard Giménez , Sep 06, 2017

    This is what I use because I need an iOS app in addition to a desktop app.

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  • Posted to Pixelmator Pro, in reply to John P , Sep 05, 2017


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  • Posted to Probably your first useful Touch Bar app, Mute Me, Aug 15, 2017

    Bravo... this is the first touch bar app I think I've seen for something that I'd want a button for on my keyboard. I could definitely see myself using this, especially at work.

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  • Posted to Inconsistent Contacts icon in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11 beta 4, Jul 25, 2017

    It's a beta... file a radar — don't complain on Twitter.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Do you contribute to retirement funds?, Jul 23, 2017

    I definitely do. I used to trade stocks but I was looking for more passive investments.

    Note: I'm not a financial manager and you're investing at your own risk

    If so, what kind?

    Wealthfront - I use this for all of my retirement investments (IRA/401's) if I can. I also have some funds that I invest in though that site.

    Coinbase - I've been investing in crypto currencies a bit recently. Keep in mind that the crypto space is really a crap shoot and you need to do a lot of research to avoid scams. That being said, Coinbase is a good user friendly entry point into a few currencies.

    Angel List - Startup investing is something I'm just getting started with. I don't have enough net worth to invest on my own, but you can invest alongside other investors in a fund. This generally requires a lot of work and almost needs to be a full time job if you want to make money, but it can be cool to really put your money where your mouth is. A lot of times, people say some project is awesome, but would never back it.

    how much?

    This is really as much as you feel comfortable with. Most investment sites have risk profiles that help gauge how much you're willing to put in. If any one of my investments went to zero right now, I wouldn't freak out just as long as they all didn't.

    How interested are you in that kind of stuff?

    In terms of interest, I'm relatively interested but only from the standpoint of having my money work for me while I work. I know a few people in the financial industry who were pretty much set for life before they reached 30. I still focus most of my efforts on work and building a project that I can work on beyond retirement. My dad retired and got bored really quickly. I think finding something that you're really passionate about outside of money is really what's going to bring you lifelong joy.

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  • Posted to Vector icon speed runs, in reply to Marc Edwards , Jul 23, 2017

    The touch ID one is crazy!

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  • Posted to A colourblind simulator for designers - B'coz its imp to design for all, Jul 18, 2017

    I was going to make an iOS app that did this until I found out that there are already a few.

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  • Posted to How do you manage your colours?, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Jul 16, 2017

    It was recently updated. They fixed all of the floating window bugs in Sierra.

    +1 for Spectrum

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  • Posted to What is it with dribbble and nike shoe UIs?, in reply to Renato Castelo , Jul 12, 2017

    but practice on what exactly?

    It doesn't matter what.

    When I started making music in 2001, I would just copy beats to see if I could reverse engineer how famous producers constructed their beats and mixed their songs. I would try and figure out exactly what instruments they used, how they used flanges, delay, and all other types of effects. I copied beats for almost two years until I understood what principles of composition made a beat great.

    One of the last songs I created sounded so authentic that I got an RIAA takedown on my YouTube video because the video reached nearly 400k views. People thought it was a real song -

    If the goal is to practice their visual skills, isn't it better to do it by creating something original?

    No. Humans learn by copying... You don't learn the alphabet and language by making up something original — you copy. Then once you've copied, you start generating your own slang and accents.

    Look at the similarities between two designs of two complete different companies and products.


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  • Posted to What is it with dribbble and nike shoe UIs?, Jul 12, 2017


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