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  • Posted to Looking for a image compressor for OSX, in reply to Martin Ohlsson , Feb 05, 2015

    seems a little expensive for an app that is essentially the front end of a free open source toolset. ImageOptim does just as good but at zero cost.

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  • Posted to Monster energy drink logo and branding deconstructed, Nov 10, 2014

    when someone says "When you go into the Hebrew" I walk away, turn off the video, or stop listening.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Ridiculous site update and strategy by Taco Bell ("Not on the Internet"), in reply to Kyle Conrad , Oct 31, 2014

    42€ is 53.14, a bottle of water is .20€ and a big mac is 7€, and considered expensive. Things are considerably cheaper in Europe and thats a LOT of money to spend on your phone bill each month when that could be spent on food, transit, or rent.

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  • Posted to The End of Apps As We Know Them, in reply to Tor Løvskogen Bollingmo , Oct 23, 2014

    Other then the bad grammar, flowery over complicated language, and horrible reading experience (I can't read that body font for more then a paragraph!). I find a lot of these types of themes and views come from the Android side of things.

    I'm not sure what is so different on the Android platform that makes native apps so unappealing compared to iOS. I think the idea of using a card as a fully functional experience for whatever you are doing is an awkward and cumbersome experience. Sure the super powerusers of android may do that, however most android users i've met (joe blow etc) are not doing that. They get frustrated when they try to get to the facebook app to look at the post or reply.

    The iOS approach to using quick responces in the notification makes sense, because it approaches a different problem and a different way. Why should I need to innterupt what I am doing to go reply to an iMessage when I can do it from the top. Android is more of a "I'm interupting what you are doing, and you can get lost and sucked into doing everything i want to push at you in this card before you try and go back to what you had been doing".

    Working in a card seems incredibly fragile, what if i accidentally navigate away, what does the system do to notify me there is a new card when i'm already IN the notification system working away? What happens to whatever i've been doing when I accidentally go out of the notification centre back to what ever app i was in before?

    This post also is entirely focused on people who only use their devices for low depth interaction, and completely skips the fact that most people i know on iOS actually use their phone for much deeper things such as documents, photo editing, etc.

    App designers are sometimes going this direction of 'never ending content', but most people I know want an end, either that they leave the app, or that they have read everything for the day. They want to achieve a completion state of some sort. Having a never ending stream of apps and updates (ala a timeline for a phone interface) means I never finish, i never can hit a place of momentary victory.

    It is so weird, we have one group of people trying to fix email, and another group trying to turn our phones into the same problem we are trying to fix in email!

    so to answer your question directly. I don't think that this is a terrible concept at all. The atomization of data is very useful to make better apps. I do however thing that the actual use cases presented, and that the outcome of his concepts is incomplete. I do not think that this train of thought is completed enough to turn it into a product and it needs more time, more thought, more hands, and people who care about how the users feel. Not just power users, but my Father in Law, my wife before she got an iPhone, my cousins.

    antidotal story; My wife was blown away a few days ago, she used to have an android phone, but barely used it. Now that she has an iPhone she's using it more and more and for more "deep" tasks (editing spreadsheets when she's not at the computer). We were walking through Dresden and wanted to eat, she was wondering outloud how we'd find somewhere to eat. I pulled out my phone and asked siri and she was blown away, not because she didn't know that it could be done, but because she hadn't thought about the fact that she could do it. She told me she was thinking about how she used to go home to her computer to look up a place to eat, find the directions and print them out etc. Her android could do these things, it wasn't impossible before. She never did use these things on her android because it wasn't easy. It wasn't obvious, and it was complicated when she tried. Whenever she tried something cool on her android it was the old windows problems of a million dialog boxes the first time, setting everything up. You die of hunger before you find the restaurant. Apples approach of no setup, no options just working isn't 100% right, but it wins at getting people to use the new features and that is more important.

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  • Posted to Adobe's dropcap.js library, Oct 22, 2014

    so can i use this to generate css that i can keep in production? or do i have to run this script on all of the pages with dropcaps forever?

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  • Posted to Is there any version control system for Designers like Git which can work locally? , in reply to Darth Bane , Oct 22, 2014

    but he wanted local, there is a way to make the github view of psd's in a local environment, but basically you'll just be hosting a localhost type of github lol.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who's on a visa?, Oct 21, 2014

    Canadian living in Germany, transitioning from Visitor Visa to Partnerschaft visa since i'm married to a German now. Just working on passing the language tests.

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  • Posted to Hone Safety Razor Kickstarter, Gorgeous Industrial design, in reply to Andrew Mitchell , Oct 20, 2014

    If you need a hand with videos let me know, you can hit me up on @timgauthier at twitter.

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  • Posted to Hone Safety Razor Kickstarter, Gorgeous Industrial design, in reply to Andrew Mitchell , Oct 19, 2014

    I totally understand the beard, I have a (nasty) beard now, and it requires me to be better with my razor now then before. I will be saving up some pennies to get one when I can.

    I found this from the guys on the shaving subreddit, and i'm pumped by it. The price seems fine for what it is to me. Not everyone will want one, but once people have them in their hands it will likely increase sales through referral. The video isn't terrible, its very direct and to the point. You are very well spoken.

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  • Posted to “Apple SIM” could legitimately disrupt the wireless industry, Oct 18, 2014

    Apple didn't invent carrier free sims...

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