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  • Posted to Subform Beta Invite, Dec 06, 2017

    Subform is the product of just two folks working hard on pushing design tools forward. They don't have a marketing department or millions of dollars of runway to keep the project afloat sans real paying customers.

    I understand that we live in an era where most people expect software to have a free-to-use model baked in, but I really respect that these guys are trying to bootstrap a sustainable business.

    Kevin and Ryan are devoted to making tools for professionals. They are trying to bring ideas from the CAD realm into digital product design. Subform's main point of differentiation is giving designers the ability to unambiguously describe layout and see how a design dynamically responds to different screen sizes.

    One great thing is that if you purchase Subform, even if you only pay for a single month, the software will continue to work as-is indefinitely. Unlike many other software vendors these days, they do not try to impose an artificial limit on your use of the tool on your local machine. Once you have a copy of Subform, it is yours!

    By paying $25/mo, you are supporting the development of future versions.

    I backed their Kickstarter and have been adamantly following the developments in each release. A new version comes out every ~2 weeks with substantial refinements. It's true, they still have a long way to go. And the tool will probably never succeed at being all things for all people. But it already offers a compelling way to specify and explore responsive designs free of the quirks of getting mired in CSS early on or code up the layout for a specific platform just to end up throwing it away if you design yourself into a corner.

    I think sending a few bucks their way and trying out the tool contributes to a healthy design ecosystem. Even if you decide it is not for you, I'm sure that the fruits of their labors will prove influential on the rest of the design community, and maybe you will end up indirectly using some functionality conceived in Subform from within the design-tool-du-jour a few years from now.

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  • Posted to Best User Feedback Management tool ? , Aug 04, 2017

    Canny is pretty neat!

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