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  • Posted to Notion 2.3 — Evernote Importer & Web Clipper, Mar 16, 2019

    Too bad it isn't available for Ubuntu or Mint Linux.

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  • Posted to Creating Design Specs?, in reply to Paul Nevin , Mar 13, 2019

    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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  • Posted to What invoicing billing tools do you recommend for freelancing?, Oct 29, 2017

    I have my email with Zoho and they have free invoicing with up to 5 clients and as many projects as you want.

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  • Posted to I Quit Facebook—and You Should, Too, Oct 15, 2017

    Great article. I can't change Facebook, but I can change myself and quiting, doesn't really work as there are people who I only connect with on Facebook. Also I have used Facebook to raise money for friends who were in need, which would have been impossible otherwise. I found that I had a need for more focus and attention. So the first thing I did was remove Facebook from my phone. The 2nd thing I did was add a browser extension so I only spend 10 minutes a day on Facebook and then I am blocked. Next I tend post things I feel contributes to my community of people. If I post something negative, I like to write context to make that information more digestible. Finally I remove toxic people, even if they are my friends. If I browse the main feed, the goal is finding positive/inspiring posts and personal posts by friends. Anything else is trying to snag my attention and I assume the post is false or just reposting news which I can read somewhere else.

    Thus Facebook has become a tool. Knowing how to use a tool and how to train yourself to categorize and discard information is very valuable. I understand that any post that grabs my attention requires me to ask a question: "Am I being manipulated?". If the post isn't an original post by the user, then the answer is most likely Yes. I either ignore the post or I do research to see if the post is fake news. Finally I ask myself the question "Do I have anything to contribute to the conversation"? If not, I just ignore the post.

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  • Posted to 30 Web Design Inspiration Examples You Need to See Before Building Your Website, Sep 09, 2016

    I soooo hate these stupid javascript newletter overlays, they are just as bad as popups. In someways worse because you are reading the content and bang you lose your whole train of thought. I found one extension on chrome but so far no browser seems to be able to block them. I am almost to the point of disabling javascript.

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  • Posted to Apple – Apple Plug, Sep 08, 2016

    Removing the port is a HUGE issue, because it has been a standard for allowing developers to easily create new products for cell phones. Like the little plugs that allow merchants to swipe your credit card from their cell phone. Now it will be much much more complex for third party to create products for the Iphone and you will have to go through an apple approval process.

    The 2nd thing is that this is the BS drive to create more DRM. You can read more here:

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  • Posted to Who Is Mr. Robot?, Aug 15, 2016

    Watch the first 6 episodes of season 2:

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  • Posted to Panda 5 Beta: New & improved UI, article previews, personalised launchers and more..., Jul 27, 2016

    Gave up on it the minute it sent me to install a Chrome extension when I am running Firefox.

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  • Posted to "Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You" - UserOnboard, in reply to Clark Wimberly , Mar 24, 2016

    /apps /away /call /collapse /expand /feedback /leave /me /msg /mute /msg /open /prefs /remind /shortcuts /shrug /star /who

    Start installing apps and there is even more.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best Mac Email Clients?, Mar 24, 2016

    Thank you everyone I really appreciate your suggestions.

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