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  • Posted to Create Upstate — Upstate NY’s Official Design Celebration, Feb 16, 2017

    So beautiful and fun to navigate around. Gabriela and Rift look really great together (I see Roboto as a 3rd font and it is a bit of a random choice/it doesn't really fit the aesthetic). The choice of colors and the overlays on the images are dope!

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  • Posted to Google Search A/B Testing, Feb 13, 2017

    yea, that layout has been around for a really long time. I have that layout on my new Google account. my old account still has the old layout.

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  • Posted to What do you think of LinkedIn's new look?, Feb 08, 2017

    looks exactly the same. not seeing any new crap

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Job title for Product Designer who writes Javascript?, Jan 26, 2017

    Product Designer is fine. You really need to focus on what the goals are for the title. If they will be shipping production code then they would most likely be a UX Engineer. It not, then designer makes more sense. If the goal of the position is just to prototype, "Interaction Designer & Prototyper" is accurate. In terms of candidates, usually designers with computer science degree will get you what you want.

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  • Posted to Need typeface suggestions, please, Jan 24, 2017


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  • Posted to A CSS only slider (no JS), Jan 24, 2017

    Great tutorial and worth the read! ...but this is a no go for production environments. no touch events or accessibility. :(

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  • Posted to Harvard GSD, Jan 24, 2017

    Such a beautiful website. Visually, everything was superb, especially typography. Made me want to browse around for a while. My only complaint is the performance. Homepage was 13.9MB (that's insane and my data plan isn't unlimited), images weren't scaled (not using picture element or srcset) or optimized, pages were slow, high number of requests. Leveraging service workers would also be a great improvement to the user experience on this site.

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  • Posted to Supersymmetry, Jan 21, 2017

    Beautiful visual design and I love the use of Circular, the page transitions, and responsiveness. One issue: I'm using Safari and not sure how to navigate. When I click the arrows on the homepage nothing happens and I can't scroll horizontally either. When I scroll the mouse vertically, the page moves horizontally (a bit counterintuitive). Overall, Angular code looks solid and NgAnimate stuff is well done.

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  • Posted to New 13" Macbook w/ Touchbar or Old 15" Macbook Retina for Designing?, in reply to Dillon Raphael , Jan 20, 2017

    but it's not a Mac so could have gotten away with a Surface

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  • Posted to New 13" Macbook w/ Touchbar or Old 15" Macbook Retina for Designing?, Jan 20, 2017

    Touchbar Mac is cool for like a week when you first get it (like any new toy), but in all honesty, it's not even a competition..old 2013 -2015 15" retina is the MVP

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