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  • Posted to How to use the new Framer Design, in reply to Marc Olivier L. , Jun 09, 2017

    I'm having a blast for sure..

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  • Posted to Design like a developer with Anima app and spacings, in reply to Ali Zendaki , Jun 09, 2017

    Typically when you open the door for third party developers to create plugins or enhancements, it leads to a better app in the long run. The ability to bend the app to your will through plugins and scripting is a hugely powerful tool.

    I think you're looking at it the wrong way. Scripting can become a method of deep customization. Take a peek at Sketch's release history. It's busy, even though as it matures things don't change as rapidly. But look, they just added some constraint type features and they're refining those in the next release.

    Plugin developers can pretty much just whip something up, test that it works for themselves, and put it out there. Releasing new features as the app developer requires more effort and time, as the goal is to release a solid piece of software.

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  • Posted to Airbnb's new open source library React, in reply to Tim Kjær Lange , Apr 26, 2017

    I don't have time to play with it yet, but curious if updates made in sketch to components also update in the js.

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  • Posted to Airbnb's new open source library React, in reply to Rhys Merritt , Apr 26, 2017

    I wouldn't put too much time into worrying about it, really. React is not a core design skill. It's just one tool, and not necessary for being a successful designer.

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  • Posted to Airbnb's new open source library React, in reply to Jon Moore , Apr 26, 2017

    When I saw this, the first thing I thought of was large orgs like Uber etc, who have established design systems. They certainly have extensive need for production work, generating elements within that ruleset.

    On the other hand, there needs to be flexibility for the designer to decide how to interpret the rules for new scenarios or new features.

    I would say your first workflow is the most realistic.

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  • Posted to Animated Bézier Curves, Apr 26, 2017

    Even if you know how bezier curves work, this is mesmerizing and fun to play with!

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  • Posted to Love this! Exploring game design in Sketch, in reply to Michael Martinho , Mar 29, 2017

    Badass! Glad you're enjoying it.. watch for the next episodes coming over the next 3 days, we're finishing up the Sketch portion of this particular game's design, then the Swift course gets going! Implementing this design is gonna be a whole lot of fun, and a great way to see how the whole indie process works.

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  • Posted to Kite App: Animation & Prototyping with native code output, in reply to Ruth Tupe , Mar 19, 2017

    Hey Ruth, Sorry i didn't notice this comment!

    There's a little sample of an ios-style push transition, with some detailed animation. Basically I picture the whole thing as one unit - its actually very similar to iOS dev in that way - the nav bar is not technically part of the incoming screen, its a level above.

    This method is too complex to be efficient for very long flows, but it allows you a fine level of control on the transition.

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  • Posted to A Rant Against Pretty Designs, in reply to Matt Walker , Mar 17, 2017

    I welcome those kinds of comments, many others do too =] Although, there's a difference between a 'rant' like this guy, and a genuine discussion starting question.

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  • Posted to Comparing Prototyping Tools: Learning Curve VS Awesomeness Level, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Mar 13, 2017

    Hopefully XD will soon too! The Scrolling menu choices are "none" and "vertical". Seems silly if "horizontal" isn't coming soon!

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