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  • Posted to Amazon’s real business strategy is delight as a service, Nov 15, 2019

    How do you know?

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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 14, 2019

    Running 16GB on my MacBook Pro 13" for the last 6 years. Will be getting 32GB next time I upgrade.

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  • Posted to I collected 361 remote jobs for Designers, in reply to Sergey Bogachev , Nov 06, 2019

    Please make a non-editable version. Thanks for the effort!

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  • Posted to I collected 361 remote jobs for Designers, Nov 06, 2019


    But why are you sharing a private document?

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  • Posted to Beyond multiplayer: Introducing the Figma Community , Oct 23, 2019

    Could someone explain what this is exactly?

    Is it like you have a profile page (but only within a team?) and you could post stuff there so that... there's some kind of a reason you'd want to be doing that, is that right?

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  • Posted to Why Toggle Tokens Are a Better Alternative to Checkboxes, Oct 09, 2019 is a very questionable resource

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  • Posted to Do you design with True Tone on Mac enabled? , Sep 14, 2019

    I do, but I'm a product designer, not doing graphic/illustrations.

    I can't see how TT/NS could hinder my work. Colors are relative to lighting, in fact any color is light reflected off surface. So color looks different depending on lighting (sunrise, daytime or sunset). Same with natural and artificial lighting in the office — whites look colder/bluer in the evening. Thankfully I have a way to compensate.

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  • Posted to What does this portfolio site convey to you?, Sep 11, 2019
    • Cases are insightful
    • Everything looks huge, I'd polish it up visually
    • I'd bring your work up and center, maybe instead of your photo
    • Saying you're 'Johnny' doesn't make you look like a professional, I'd put your first and last name there instead
    • Lego pics are a nice touch, but I'd show actual work instead
    • Dedicating space to 'accessibility' and 'front-end dev' create dissonance with UX Research – are you a researcher or are you a dev?
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  • Posted to How can I make a skewed video to fit into a prespective mac container image?, Aug 28, 2019

    You can do it pretty easily in AE and there's a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

    Import iMac, then video as a new composition and place that comp on top of iMac, use Corner Pin filter in AE to skew/transform the video by dragging video corners to match iMac screen corners.

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