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  • Posted to Rollie – Spending Tracker, in reply to Jonah Grindler , Apr 17, 2019

    Done. ;)

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  • Posted to Rollie – Spending Tracker, Apr 17, 2019

    Looks good and sounds like exactly what I'm looking for right now. Really looking forward to downloading it in the EU.

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  • Posted to Redesigned my portfolio, feedback appreciated., in reply to Ivo Mynttinen , Jul 22, 2018

    Okay, then I understand why they are not filters. :)

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  • Posted to Redesigned my portfolio, feedback appreciated., Jul 18, 2018

    Very nice. I like the the structure and the content, especially the "Principles" part on the home page. One improvement: I expected the industries on the "Work" page to be filters. I actually tried to click them. Would be nice if they work in the same way the category filters work on the "Insights" page. If I'm a client i definitely want to see projects related to the industry I'm in.

    Otherwise, good job. Definitely an inspiration for my portfolio update coming soon. ;)

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  • Posted to Button's shouldn't have a hand cursor (part 2), in reply to Chris Gallello , Apr 16, 2018

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. For web applications it would make sense to get rid of the hand cursor.

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  • Posted to Button's shouldn't have a hand cursor (part 2), Apr 13, 2018

    I think buttons (on websites) should have a hand cursor. It's a learned behavior. A button with a regular cursor feels strange. 99 % of users would approve this.

    I think the main difference from a website to a user interface on an operating system like windows is that the user interface on an operating system consists almost entirely of clickable elements. It's very hard to find something not clickable (besides the background, duh!). Websites however are much more informative and they display a lot of information (text, images, ...) which is not clickable. Therefore the hand cursor is used on the web to make clickable elements more clear.

    What do you think of this?

    Also, thanks for bringing up this topic, I never really thought about it until now.

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  • Posted to Do you sometimes work with UI Kits to speed up your design process?, Apr 02, 2018

    For me personally, I never really worked with UI Kits, but I'm thinking about creating my own UI Kit with a set of standard components so I can save some time on projects and focus more on the important sections of the website. I'm a designer at an agency and it would be a win win situation both for me and for the client who gets more out of his money since I'd be quicker with the less important stuff and could use more time working on solutions for the important areas of his product or service.

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  • Posted to Which company has a really cool career website?, in reply to Kerem Kandirali , Mar 04, 2018

    That's actually a clever way to look for inspiration, thank you!

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  • Posted to What are some cool event platforms? (UI/UX), in reply to bethany hall , Jul 05, 2017

    The app looks sleek. Thank you!

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