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  • Posted to The top 7 product design tools you'll need, in reply to Tiago Franco , Jul 11, 2019

    sketch/illustrator/photoshop are not “nicer” than figma/affinity designer/affinity photo. and also im being intentionally prickly because this is a low effort listicle, basically an ad for the company you work for, and was clearly gamed with fake upvotes.

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  • Posted to The top 7 product design tools you'll need, Jul 10, 2019

    9 upvotes, 0 comments, and you literally don’t need any of these things to do product design

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  • Posted to Lunacy 4.0. Free graphic software with built-in design resources, in reply to Igor Stumberger , Jul 09, 2019

    opening a sketch file in lunacy is easier and gives better accuracy than opening a sketch file in figma, because lunacy is designed to be a sketch clone (not just another piece of design software).

    also, lunacy can save out .sketch files. again, figma is a FAR better tool for starting design on windows... but lunacy is a godsend if you're a windows user with a mac-based/sketch-based design team. simply put, it opens/saves/edits sketch files directly. this lets me work on my sketch files at home on my pc desktop, or allows any front-end dev or motion designer with a windows machine to open the sketch file and toy around.

    if you are a single windows user, and you're starting a new design, 100% use figma (or, if you're me, affinity designer)

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  • Posted to Lunacy 4.0. Free graphic software with built-in design resources, Jul 02, 2019

    Lunacy is awesome and as close as anyone has ever gotten to a fully functional Sketch for Windows. the fact that it can open Sketch files is a huge win for mixed teams everywhere, I love the thing.

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  • Posted to Jony Ive, iPhone designer, announces Apple departure, Jun 28, 2019





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  • Posted to The Mac Pro icon in the Apple store is a mess, in reply to Jordan Little , Jun 08, 2019

    so i re-drew the icon the exact same way i'm SURE any Apple designer would have done it originally. the circles are 1.5px in from the edges of the case, 1px horizontally spaced, 2px vertically spaced, Apple on the left, mine on the right. easy round numbers, and i'm assuming i don't have to explain to you why the circles are placed on the subpixel. here is an overlap so you can see the difference.

    now... look at them side by side at 1x.. can you see the difference? i already know the answer.. it's "no".

    "caring about the details" is one thing... nitpicking a 1/10th of a pixel decimal rounding error in a SVG export is just petty and annoying.

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  • Posted to The Mac Pro icon in the Apple store is a mess, Jun 06, 2019

    uhhh...? this icon is displayed tiny in practice. these little imperfections are not noticeable at all in use... yes, SVG's drawn at small sizes can look sloppy when blown up 80x in size. it also doesn't matter at all, except to annoying designers with a tidiness fetish.

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  • Posted to Mercury OS Concept, May 31, 2019

    okay, how do i launch a web browser? how do i play my games?

    this says:

    The clutter we take for granted in today’s operating systems can be overwhelming, especially for folks sensitive to stimulation. Mercury is respectful of limited bandwidths and attention spans.

    but it doesn't say why clutter is bad. designer's have an unhealthy fetish with "dealing with" other peoples' "clutter". this idea has turned my whole device into a list of reminders basically -- useless.

    and not to mention, the concept of "fog" is probably the dumbest metaphor you can use for a user interface. nothing is good about trying to navigate in "fog" -- it's disorienting and spaceless and frustrating.

    No Apps or Folders. Mercury fluidly assembles content and actions based on your intentions. So you can focus on the destination, not the many ways to get there.

    oh my god this is so stupid

    Declaring the “Review Inbox” intention generates a space with all your unread mail and incoming communications. You can navigate between different flows in a Space by swiping up and down, or by using the up and down arrow keys.

    I get a hundred emails a day. why are you obsoleting my mouse? what are you solving here? you're plowing me into my emails 1 by 1. i'm getting a migraine.

    this whole OS concept is a tyrannical takeover of my digital life. i have zero freedom in this as a user -- I just have to hope your shitty AI can determine what "smart actions" to take on my to-do list, and that's supposed to be an operating system... okay.

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  • Posted to Welcome Overflow 1.0!, May 28, 2019

    24 upvotes, no comments

    edit: 40 upvotes, the only comments are critical

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