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  • Posted to Feedback form software suggestions, Apr 13, 2017

    I cannot recommend UserVoice enough. Even if you don't end up choosing the product/service, they are prolific in this area and I would recommend their and Intercoms blogs on customer support/service/feedback/etc.

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  • Posted to Podcast suggestions, Jan 19, 2017

    James Altucher - He has on some of the most interesting people and authors and by and far this show gets me thinking about all sorts of different things that I apply throughout my day and leaves me feeling more creative overall.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to build a photography site?, in reply to Matthew Blode , Dec 27, 2016

    As mentioned in a previous comment, if you have some "regular" web dev experience, go for Timber/Twig templating and combine with Advanced Custom Fields to build whatever you want with WP as the user facing CMS. Alternatively, you can also build a site/app however you want and pull the content with rest api and user gets wordpress for the CMS.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What apps should I load my new christmas iMac with?, Dec 22, 2015

    So...congrats on the sweet machine. I'm only listing stuff I didn't see mentioned (and you'll have to google, cause I'm lazy):

    • Reflector (use that amazing display of yours for airplay devices)
    • SizeUp (must have window and spaces helper/organizer)
    • One (aggregator of all worthwhile news including DN)
    • Kiwi for Gmail (if you use gmail for personal and school/work this is a must)
    • Amphetamine (newer and better than caffeine - keeps your computer awake)
    • f.lux (great if you're on your screen all day and night... helps your eyes)
    • Wallcat (awesome, new background every day)


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