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  • Posted to Unicorn Design for iOS – Relevant design & technology news, Mar 22, 2019

    I appreciate the app really. I don’t see enough often horizontal scrolling on app which is a shame because it save a lot of space and it is really intuitive... Nice touch on that!.

    This is a great « mobile version » of landing pages like Muzli.. I look forward to see the new content you will add!

    The only think I wonder about is if a way to see a « community » most liked news would be great.

    Good work!

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  • Posted to John Maeda: “In reality, design is not that important”, in reply to Agnimitra Pathak , Mar 22, 2019

    What more can be said that this article? This is probably the best answer possible.

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  • Posted to Generative.fm, Mar 22, 2019

    I think I listened this website nonstop every days of the week to work. I would gladly pay for an offline app that does that! Thank you!!

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  • Posted to The Last Time — My first iOS app, Mar 22, 2019

    The kind of app just perfect for people with ADHD just like me. This is great!

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  • Posted to Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding, in reply to Denis Rojcyk , Mar 14, 2019

    I typed Figma instead of Sketch :/

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  • Posted to Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding, in reply to Nils Trieu , Mar 14, 2019

    Sketch is also the last tool that keep me on mac so I agree on this

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  • Posted to Spectre—Smart long exposure camera (from the creators of Halide), Mar 09, 2019

    I downloaded the app on my iPhone 6s a week ago. The result was always blurry as hell until I notice the stabilizing feature. Regular photos in HDR mode seem to always give me way better results. Not the most impressive photo app I tested.

    On another subject, I strongly suggest the app "Manual" because it gives you a lot of freedom/possibility if you feel constrained about the native photo app by Apple.

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  • Posted to So you say you want some brutalism?, Mar 01, 2019

    On another context than Brutalism, I just learned this morning that this website is running on my favorite CMS: Kirby. I'm so proud because it is probably one of the best CMS out there. The new version (3) just came out and it offers one of the most beautiful admin interfaces i've seen. That seriously makes my day haha :)

    Go try it just in case :)

    https://getkirby.comKirby Screenshot

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  • Posted to Sketch 53, in reply to Mike A. , Feb 06, 2019

    Overlay Artboards would be a must

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  • Posted to Breakpoints in Sketch, in reply to Thiago Duarte , Jan 23, 2019

    Read the complete text! ===>>> You can unsubscribe at any time....

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