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  • Posted to Beam 2 - iOS app for Reddit, in reply to Daniel Louwe Kooijmans , Dec 22, 2015

    Thanks for the response Daniel. Yes, I was confused about the full thumbnails not being visible in the stock app, sorry.

    The swiping back from web views works nicely now... from the latest update release notes in the app store it looks like you just added that.

    One other question... I used to like tapping on comments to collapse the comment thread, but this doesn't seem to work now. Is that something that will be in the roadmap? (the nice new comment design definitely makes it easier to scroll to the next top level comment, but I still miss the tap to collapse)

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  • Posted to Beam 2 - iOS app for Reddit, Dec 17, 2015

    Wow, big update. I'm a long-time Beam fan so happy to see it getting so much work.

    A few comments..

    • the "subscriptions" based home screen is a little backward to me. I would consider the "Frontpage" view as the best home/default experience... and subscriptions list of favourites and subreddits as a secondary view. It looks like the product design is steering a little more towards power users (who would do things like set up "Multireddits") than casual reddit users, I hope that doesn't limit your app market.

    • having the full thumbnails in the main feed is a majorly awesome feature and really what separated Beam from other apps. Seems risky to hide that in a paid add-on that I had to hunt for.

    • I see you've reverted to showing web views for YouTube videos, they were better when they played natively in the app. Any reason why? Hope the old behaviour comes back soon.

    • when tapping through on a web link, the view no longer supports swiping to close it... I hate having to reach up to the "Done" button. is this a limitation of Safari View controllers? Would love to have the swipe to close back.

    Well done though ... keep up the good work!

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