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  • Posted to Switch html background color in order to get two "overflow scrolling colors" on smartphones, Feb 07, 2018

    I've been meaning to pull this trick on a site for so long.

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    lol, thanks jonathan :)

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    Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. We included some screenshots further down the page, but your right on. Screenshots help sell. This is a relatively new idea in the space so we wanted to give proper explanation before diving into the UI.

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    Much appreciated, Maxwell :)

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    Hey Antoine,

    Example Project

    When you get into the app, you should be greeted by an empty state with a link to example project. We didn't want to clutter you with anything you had to clean up from the get go :)

    Link to Example Project

    Differences from products like Dropbox Paper and Google Docs

    • With Tapwater, we want to focus on how small teams and contractors deliver and manage their work. The document editor is a big part of that vision, but the timeline is the main differentiating factor. It's a central place for everyone to collect deliverables, see progress, and make sure everyone has the stuff they need to do good work without much effort.
    • We make delivery and keeping a project log of the project a 1 step process.
    • Last, your clients don't have to sign up to receive updates :)
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    Thanks Jim :)

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  • Posted to Tapwater - Home for your Projects, Nov 22, 2017

    Hey there I'm Ian, one half of the team who created Tapwater. We're stoked to put this out into the world and see people use it.

    The TL;DR:

    1. Create freeform posts of milestones, deliverables, meeting notes, etc.
    2. Clients and stakeholders get emailed every time you post, and can respond without ever making an account.
    3. Your whole team and the client have a 50k foot view of the project at all times.


    We were frustrated with the current state of affairs in managing projects as a freelancer or as part of a small team. Current project management apps are focused on the use case of a large organization: task management, velocity, accountability for managers. They're also priced to sell to larger organizations. As a freelancer or a 4 person company, this isn't necessary.

    You do the work, and present directly to a client. You most likely do this through email with the help of frameworks that you've made yourself. As such, you run into some of the pitfalls and limitations of email: uploading files to other services and sending links, losing a deliverable or invoice from months ago, needing to reference meeting notes because someone forgot something.

    We wanted to build something that tackled this problem without adding complexity to your workflow.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions folks have :)

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  • Posted to A Bone to Pick with Skeleton Screens, Oct 19, 2017

    Huh, love being proved wrong. This was good.

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