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  • Posted to 20 Years of Photoshop, Nov 19, 2017

    Really interesting to see the entire journey. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Posted to Avataaars—Sketch library to create avatar illustrations, Nov 16, 2017

    Hi there, it'd be awesome if someone could create a cheat-sheet here.

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  • Posted to Avataaars—Sketch library to create avatar illustrations, Nov 15, 2017

    This one is certainly going to be among my fav design freebies. Arrived just in time as we were putting together an illustration for our website.

    Thank you so much Pablo. God bless your good soul.. :)


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  • Posted to Found this beauty, free alternative to Proxima Nova by @ChrisMSimpson, Nov 12, 2017

    Looks very interesting. I am gonna have to try on some of our existing designs. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Posted to AMA: Really Good Emails Team, Nov 08, 2017

    Hey Guys, glad to see Really Good email AMA here.. The entire discussion is very insightful and engaging.

    There's so much knowledge here that someone should Do a blog on this.. (May be our friend Mike will take the lead here.. :) )

    Great job!! Keep up the great work.. :)

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  • Posted to Showcase by Visual Inspector (Concept Redesign on Popular Sites), in reply to Darshan Gajara , Nov 07, 2017

    Thanks Darshan, hope you liked some of the videos!!

    It'll be open to community submissions soon.

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  • Posted to Showcase by Visual Inspector (Concept Redesign on Popular Sites), Nov 07, 2017

    YO designers, How u doing? In last 2 months, since we launched Visual Inspector, there's been 1-Million design bugs have been fixed by 32,000 designers around the world.

    Many of these designers posted a video of themselves, showing how Visual Inspector has made their lives easier. We thought of sharing some of our favorite redesigned (by CF editorial team) to inspire community.

    Pretty soon, showcase will be open for public submission. Stay tuned.!!

    Lots of Love


    Not using Visual Inspector yet?(Chrome Web Store)

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  • Posted to Best practices for designing cards, Oct 25, 2017

    Cards bring look and usability into your design. Do it right to provide rich experience to your users.

    Is there anything missing? Add to the comment and I'll try to get article updated.


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  • Posted to Take me home, Uber, Oct 23, 2017

    Lovely article. Hope someone from Uber team is listening.. :)

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  • Posted to What do you use to build landing pages?, Oct 23, 2017

    Depends on requirement - long/short term, small campaign or major feature release.

    For something quick and dirty, I use template editors - Wix, Unbounce etc..

    Long-term feature landing pages, need more detailed work so I start with oneNote to structure it > Sketch > Launchpad/HTML+CSS+JS.

    Building a new tool around it? Would love to be part of it. Open for more sharing more detailed f/b. Best of luck.

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