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  • Posted to Does anyone still use RSS readers? Looking for feedback!, Aug 02, 2018

    Daily. Reeder + Feed Wrangler. Based on your comps, I would pass. Initial consumption, I want to fly through the list of unread and use Reeder’s swipes to send articles I am interested in to Pinboard as “unread” (I use Pinboard’s unread tag as a replacement for Instapaper/Pocket). The thumbnail images in your comp are too distracting. I don’t want to explore, that is the beauty of RSS, I subscribe to only the sources I want, don’t suggest new sources, that is noise.

    Ideally, just give me a list of unread articles and their titles only, let me flag the ones I want to read and create a view under a new tab that has a more robust preview similar to your listing mock that features the articles I want to read. If this app existed, I would cut out Pinboard altogether and could digest feeds from a single app.

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  • Posted to A Simple Crypto (currency) Primer, Aug 03, 2017

    A friend put together a dead simple site to teach a basic understanding of crypto. As VCs race to the blockchain, we need to prepare for a new wave of startups that will be seeking designers to position their crypto in a soon to be crowded market.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: alternative to TotalFinder?, Oct 05, 2015

    I tried to live with Pathfinder, but is so damn ugly. I ended up settling on ForkLift because the developer is actively working on a new version and the screenshots/new features he posts on Twitter are looking great. I highly recommend checking out ScreenCastsOnline's 30min video tutorial (free on YouTube) for ForkLift, the app can do some amazing things with project organization in the sidebar. Couple that with some custom workflows in Alfred and ForkLift's synclets and droplets and you can get some powerful advantages that never existed in TF and Xtrafinder.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where do you host screenshots?, Aug 04, 2015


    You can set up multiple connections to different servers and Amazon S3. I use it with Keyboard Maestro to quickly share between multiple connections. This is my set up

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  • Posted to AMA: Drew Wilson, in reply to Vince Schwidder , Jul 08, 2015

    Along the same lines, how difficult is it to find users to support the new apps you create after abandoning so many past projects? Do you find this damages your reputation in the industry?

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  • Posted to Showoff your menubar, Jul 07, 2015

    So much. Menubar

    Main menubar:

    1. Focus
    2. Alerts for Gmail
    3. Tweetbot
    4. Ghostnotes
    5. Evernote
    6. Dropshare
    7. Dropbox
    8. Due
    9. Fantastical
    10. CleanMyMac
    11. Bartender
    12. TotalSpaces

    Inside of Bartender:

    1. TripMode
    2. Transloader
    3. TextSoap Menu
    4. Annotate
    5. SnappyApp
    6. Sip
    7. SnapRuler
    8. ShortMenu
    9. Paste
    10. Adobe CC
    11. Arq
    12. ChronoSync
    13. Cities
    14. f.lux
    15. Stay
    16. Shush
    17. Camera Lock
    18. AirServer
    19. Mountain
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  • Posted to Adobe confirms CC Update for Tuesday, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Jun 16, 2015

    Yea, there is no need for a pixel grid or guides in Illustrator when you can just use the Transform panel to lay out every element on the page precisely to the pixel.

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  • Posted to Adobe confirms CC Update for Tuesday, in reply to Ryan Mack , Jun 16, 2015

    Yea Illustrator does not export images well. There are hacks you can use like this: http://jamesbryant.com.au/round-circles-in-illustrator/

    Add in Kodlian's Magic Exporter and Illustrator becomes much easier to manage production assets.

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  • Posted to Adobe confirms CC Update for Tuesday, in reply to Rick Khanna , Jun 15, 2015

    Wow. Nice. Thanks for the tip.

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  • Posted to Adobe confirms CC Update for Tuesday, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Jun 15, 2015

    Well said.

    Artboards are amazing, but I don't understand how people build UI without the Transform panel in Illustrator. I can't design a page without aligning every object to specific pixel coordinates that are quickly typed in.

    An Illustrator template file that contains a defined symbol library, swatch library, and graphic/character styles for each project is all I need. And Kodlian's Magic Exporter. Maybe if Adobe made these features easier to manage and integrated the power of Fireworks asset export to Illustrator or spun off a dedicated UI app we could all go back to using Photoshop for what it does best, edit photos.

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