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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Playground, in reply to Matt C , May 08, 2019

    I agree with you ! They seem to forget that not ever designer works on mobile.

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  • Posted to The Evolution of DN , May 07, 2019

    Good points! I think I said it when the downvoting system was introduced and right so.

    So far all I see are people complaining without making any relevant suggestions. What’s the guarantee that any new platform (or the new Reddit) will not turn out be the same thing? After all the same people are going to end up there!

    Again people are complaining of not enough interesting posts but they don’t post anything themselves.

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  • Posted to Add AR Effects to your Designs, in reply to Kami Karras , Mar 27, 2019

    Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. You’ve been posting about the same app over and again! Stop the spamming !

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  • Posted to Add AR Effects to your Designs, Mar 27, 2019

    geez! how many times do you ahve to publish the same sh***t?

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  • Posted to BlacksWhoDesign, in reply to Mike Abbot , Feb 06, 2019

    That's a good solution for another problem (doesn't Dribbble do this already?)

    Say you're a black designer (could be any minority for that matter) and you've experience racism/ or racial prejudiced at work, wouldn't you feel better discussing it with other black designers who might have experienced the same thing?

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  • Posted to BlacksWhoDesign, in reply to Mike Abbot , Feb 05, 2019

    I’m curious to hear your solution.

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  • Posted to Design Systems, Sprint Weeks and other UX Snake Oils, Feb 05, 2019

    Not sure I agree with the animation part.

    Animation can be a very easy way to communicate an idea especially now that most of the prototyping tools are either too diffficult to use or simply inadequate.

    Then again even the over-the-top animations that you see on Dribbble can be good for conception even if they’ll never get built. As designers we should think free and wild.

    Eventually some of these wild concepts become the norm.

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  • Posted to BlacksWhoDesign, in reply to Mike Abbot , Feb 05, 2019

    Let me guess, your probably white? You probably haven’t faced the daily challenges that being black comes with.

    I once went for a job interview and the first comment the guy made was .. “oh I didn’t know you were black, you’re the first black designer I’ve ever come across”.

    Let’s stop pretending racial boundaries and prejudices don’t exist. I think it’s a great thing that black designers are sticking together. Having and knowing there is someone with the same background as you, doing the same thing as you’re doing can help a lot.

    This is something that you might take for granted if you’re white.

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  • Posted to Finished with Apple - Need help choosing a PC, Dec 27, 2018

    It’s better to build your own rig, and get a decent Dell 4K display! You can do all this for half the price of a Mac.

    If you’re looking for something fancy, you can also get one of the new Surface Studios (if you can afford and and you don’t need a lot of horse power)

    If you’re into Sketch you might be out of luck though but that’s just about it. Figma works on and all Adobe applications work ok windows !

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  • Posted to Animate an SVG icon in After Effects CC, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Dec 11, 2018

    I clicked the article with genuine interest because I thought someone had found a way of animating and exporting to Svgs in Ae and not through Lottie!

    Do yourself a favor and read the article.

    Sounds rather sneaky way to get clicks.

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