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  • Posted to is for sale on Flippa., Mar 08, 2017

    This is an awesome site, really hope it doesn't go down

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  • Posted to Grunt 1.0.0 released, Apr 08, 2016

    Too bad everyone is using Gulp these days

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Brian N , Apr 07, 2016

    And not allow the statements of individuals to "paint every single man"

    The statements don't do that on their own. Are you serious?

    One man says something about women therefore ALL men are held liable? No. That one man made a statement and he speaks for himself. I am not liable for what anybody else says. Grow up.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Nic Trent , Apr 07, 2016

    This I can definitely respect.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, Apr 07, 2016

    This is incredibly incendiary and divisive. How should an average male feel about this? Honestly, "men of designer news" paints every single man as "these women haters". Literally be more divisive Ian Williams.

    All men are represented by these comments and if you disagree you're just wrong. No agenda here, move along folks.

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  • Posted to New Website Redesign for Cracker Barrel, Feb 18, 2016

    Their old design looked like it was a Flash website from 2002... this redesign is 10x better.

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  • Posted to RightFont 3.0 is Out - Google Fonts Sync & Family Group View & More!, in reply to John Con , Dec 23, 2015

    Yeah this looks like a great app considering the lack of alternatives(that I've found, anyway)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who gives you inspiration?, Dec 23, 2015

    Some people don't like his style but I love Mike Creative Mints. His UI/UX isn't perfect, but his execution style is amazing. He can render textures/patterns/icons like I've never seen.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What do you think of Designer News since Mr. Wilkinson started running it?, in reply to Kyle Mitchell , Dec 23, 2015

    I think the community just has to be more active. Going out and finding news to submit to add into the content pool. Maybe right now the community is too small? I know there isn't as much design news as tech news, but the design industry is growing rapidly.

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