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  • Posted to Show DN:, Aug 24, 2016

    I had to crack open Dev tools just to make sure it was intentional lol. Pretty fun idea.

    The best way to get anyone to check out the content you want is to put it in a fake folder called "DO NOT DEPLOY".

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  • Posted to Show DN: Peter Tait, Aug 18, 2016

    Great job - impressive speed. Just one piece of feedback - the blue background really starts to hurt my eyes after a while.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What percentage of designers code?, in reply to Austin Knight , Jan 29, 2016

    Yeah, that was a poor attempt at humour.

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  • Posted to Show DN: I made a silly website — Terrible business ideas™, Jan 29, 2016

    "It's the Uber for the medical marijuana industry."

    False advertising, that's actually a fantastic business idea.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Feedback on My Side Project, Jan 15, 2016

    It looks good! Nice and clean. A few things -

    1) I would prefer a constant search input at the top. I like being able to see the page I'm browsing while searching.

    2) Animations - some of the animations seem superfluous. eg. the colour palette animation is distracting and I'm not sure what purpose it serves.

    3) Consider splitting the copy in your login modal to two lines.

    4) You have a couple of PHP errors on your submit a site page

    5) "Submitted on: 7 days ago" doesn't make much sense, maybe "Submitted 7 days ago"

    Great Job, have a feeling I'll be visiting this site often!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What percentage of designers code?, Jan 15, 2016

    To answer your question - I'm a coder first and a designer as a distant second. I know enough to design something that looks good but I can't achieve the excellent results of some of my colleagues without taking double the time.

    I think a far more interesting question, and one that has been completely unexplored is should designers code.

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  • Posted to Vector devices launched on Facebook's resources for designers, in reply to Casper Hübertz , Jan 08, 2016


    I still go to their site to reread their case studies every few months, especially the Medium one. Very few agencies have been able to communicate their thought processes with such humility and clarity. I wanted to work there some day :(

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  • Posted to Zeplin's 2015, Jan 07, 2016

    Cool stats! Small suggestion: the typeface you're using is hard to read already and completely illegible at sizes under 60px. Had to break out the devtools to change it. Really interesting to read, though.

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  • Posted to Show DN: The Crayola Method: Color Variables in SASS, Jan 07, 2016

    Interesting approach. Having to find and replace all instances of $colour-mac-and-cheese in your project every time there is a design adjustment seems needlessly tedious though.

    In my experience, defining all your colours as "constants" first then referencing them in design specific variables is easier.

    Ie. $primary-colour: $colour-mac-and-cheese; $text-highlight-colour: $colour-engine-red; and so on.

    This means colour changes can be made in one place only. It also has the unintended benefit of keeping the contrast of the colour palette consistent and simple.

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