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  • Posted to Mini Logos sitting within Core Brand Identity, Jun 19, 2019

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  • Posted to Poster "wet" effect. How to make?, Jan 21, 2019

    Put any of these over your poster and multiply that layer:

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  • Posted to Whats your experience with SkyFonts?, Aug 23, 2018

    It was okay. But I prefer having all things in one app. That's why I switched to right font app.

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  • Posted to I'm not happy with Sketch, May 07, 2018

    Haven't had any bigger issues with Sketch in ages. Can't remember the last time application crashed. Other than that there are some annoyances like mentioned color profile issues and symbol placement. I rarely use smart guides and didn't start using Sketch's built in prototyping tools as lately I'm doing mostly front end development so I didn't have the need for prototyping.

    But as far as performances go I can't slander them. It just works for me. (To be clear, I'm currently working on a mobile app with ~100 artboards and lots of symbols, so I'm not saying Sketch works for me when drawing few icons)

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  • Posted to Designers & age, in reply to Liam Wheaton , Nov 27, 2017

    It's not about new technologies as much as overusing them. UI, UX, prototyping etc. is nothing new and we're overwhelmed by self proclaimed gurus and their medium/twitter/facebook/blog posts.

    We're in an age where people talk more about their work then they actually work.

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  • Posted to Designers & age, in reply to Ken Em , Nov 27, 2017

    I'm 30 years old (doing this since my early 20s) and I'm sick of AR's, VR's, UIs, UXes, Prototyping and other buzzwords. How you should code this/design this articles and such... WordPress ninjas, Development rock stars... So it's probably more a point of view than an "age issue".

    But I still love finding new ways to do stuff, learning new frameworks and tools that help be get s**t done.

    One thing I'm noticing is, even tough I'm Web Designer, lately, I enjoy development part of my work more than design parts.

    Maybe that's where I'm headed, maybe it's just temporary...

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  • Posted to Will Apple introduce a new monitor?, Sep 29, 2017

    This is just an external display placeholder. It shows the same image for my Dell.

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  • Posted to So, I'm buying a new MacBook. Question is, which one?, Jul 05, 2017

    I have no similar problems. Touchbar works smooth (although I stopped using it almost completely after few days). macOS has no problems at all. Works like any previous Mac. I have dislike of keyboard and touchbar as I stated in my post up there but that's a dislike not a malfunctioning thing.

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  • Posted to So, I'm buying a new MacBook. Question is, which one?, Jul 04, 2017

    Recently I bought a 2017 15" MBP with touch bar.

    Here's my 0.02$.

    It's as great as any previous Mac I've owned and faster ofc but...

    1. I don't like new keyboard (but unless you want a Windows PC you'll have to get used to it because they are not going back to old ones). It's not like it's the worst keyboard ever but previous ones were way nicer. This one just looks better but that's it. Having that said, it's not a deal breaker. It's just a step back in my opinion.
    2. Touch bar. It's pretty much useless. Yeah, you can do a lot of stuff on touch bar and first two hours everything looks great as it's a new toy but after that you'll be pretty much bored. I consider myself advanced user who uses keyboard shortcuts for 90% of things I don on my Mac. So, if you're not that kind of user you might even like it, not sure. All I know is I don't. Also, if you're like me, doing front end development, you'll hate the missing physical escape key.
    3. I hate new, enlarged trackpad. I get a lot of misclicks while typing but I hope I'll get used to it.
    4. Everything else is pretty much great and display is X times better than the already great one on my previous late 2013 Retina MBP.

    P.S. I'm a Mac user since 2008 so this may affect my review a bit. If you're coming from a Windows notebooks this might not be something that'll bother you.

    By the way, did I say how gorgeous new screen is?

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  • Posted to How many Sketch bugs / feature requests do you send to Sketch, per week?, Dec 13, 2016

    Zero. Can't remember the last time Sketch crashed on my Mac. At the moment I'm working on a iOS app with 80+ artboards and it works great!

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