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  • Posted to Hey, designers, there’s a thing called guidelines, in reply to Robin Raszka , Jun 17, 2014

    The fact that companies are starting to design apps for touchscreen instead of devices is a good thing for the user experience. In the end it is about the service that you are using, not about the device on which it is delivered. A good example are the apps of Spotify.

    When designing something for the web, you don't differentiate for which OS you are designing. You care about screen size and whether a mouse, finger or even screenreader is used to interact with it. Why should we differentiate when designing native apps?

    As mike is saying these guideline are pretty arbitrary, they are opinionated by the device manufacturer.

    Nevertheless the navigation in the Skype app is pretty awful. That carrousel navigation with a huge font, combined with a bottom bar, yikes!

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