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  • Posted to Facebook's Newsfeed Redesign, Nov 24, 2015

    Hi Tyler,

    Following is my review of your shot of redesigning Facebook's Newsfeed. Though it is good, I am writing down most of the thoughts which came to my mind. The motive is NOT to demoralise you or your efforts.

    Redesign in what sense?

    To be honest, in my opinion, it should not be called a redesign. It is basically adoption of the current design modifying few things around to make it look clean but not as much usable as the current one.

    What has been changed -

    • fonts
    • placement
    • spacing
    • contrast between elements

    What has not been changed -

    • overall colours
    • layout (3 column)

    Good things

    • Clean
    • More spaced-out elements

    Bad things

    • Absence of navigation from left area.
    • Are you envisioning Facebook as a digital assistant like Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana since you have prioritised the same and put it on the left top area. Even though, what actions do you think this digital assistant can perform to help the user?
    • Trending do not have any categorisation. Moreover, the user can not see more than three.
    • It feels like that the user can not change the visibility of his/her post (while composing) to either Public or any other since it is missing the highlight or the clue which we call 'affordance'.
    • No clarity on clickable elements and their style, e.g., Update Status is highlighted as blue colour while the rest (Add Photos/Videos and Create Photo Album) are washed out, however, their icons are not. On the other hand, the time stamp and location under the person name on the post itself are also blue. The title Incoming Events in blue, the events are blue while the 'Create New Event' is washed out. So, which one is more important and which one is clickable? Further, 'More Info' in the Sponsored Ad section is black with an underline.
    • No settings option, straightforward logout/exit icon.
    • Spacing seems odd for profile picture, name and home icon. No separator (or negative space) there.
    • I am confused about 'While you were away' section. Is this a chat or feed like Twitter for a person to catch up while he/she was away. Further, as soon user clicks 'reply' the text box would appear which gives him/her the opportunity to type and send the message to selected friend. Also, the person would have to scroll though such a small area to see earlier messages.
    • Different types of symbol and colours have been used to represent the user/person as active. At some places, it is green and others it usual blue with lightning bolt.
    • You have removed the icons from like, comment and share.

    I wish you good luck for future improvements :)

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