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  • Posted to Ideas for Proximity Feedback with Progressive Hover Effects, in reply to Jonas S , May 03, 2018

    RE: "feel less in control" How do you think demo 4 would feel as navigation across the top of the page? would people constantly be bumping it and exposing it? If it were triggered by proximity to a logo, I really wonder how frequently people would trigger a menu bar, get annoyed by it, etc. Any thoughts?

    I love the demos tympanus puts together; got excited about this related to a project I'm on at the moment.

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  • Posted to Examples of Design System Sketch Files?, in reply to Sean Lester , Jan 31, 2018

    Same here. I started exploring UX Powertools, loved it, but found it a bit complex, especially to roll out to a team of people with mixed experience in Sketch.

    In the end, I've built a library from scratch, containing the most common components we use, along with basic wireframe elements (boxes, shapes, placeholder, etc.). I spent significant time testing each thing I created, making sure things resized appropriately. In creating it, I've organized around atomic design principles, but for my team, I've changed the naming convention to keep things simplified. Everything we use regular is in a folder called "Components," and the next step up from there is Patterns, consisting of groups of components. From there, we will collaborate on building out reusable templates that suit best practices and our POV on things.

    I'm definitely glad I took the time to build from scratch. I know it inside and out, which will help team members troubleshoot anything they have problems with.

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  • Posted to Why does Facebook push out so many minor updates so frequently?, in reply to Jordan Little , Jan 26, 2018

    That's interesting, thanks. With such a continuous delivery model, and if that's indeed what Facebook are doing, I wonder what the consensus is from a UX perspective on usability and learnability of various UI aspects that change SO OFTEN. Much like your comment about the semi-colon / Boost button.

    I'm just always asking myself "why can't they just let a good thing be?"

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  • Posted to How do you work with multiple designers on a Sketch File?, in reply to Keith F , Jan 11, 2018

    Really nice response. I'm in the process of helping convert our small agency team to Sketch, and I've been building out a pattern library using Libraries for a few months now. These are great tips and mirror some of my thinking.

    One thing we're trying to do (using atomic design) is create a variety of organisms and templates that are reusable and built from our core set of atoms and molecules. Do you use a system such as atomic design to organize and control the things people can freely modify (ex: group of product cards as template), vs. the things that should never change (ex: form fields)?

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  • Posted to How we’re using Component Based Design, Jan 27, 2017

    I enjoyed reading this. I'm working on a UX project at the moment in which I've made some big changes to our traditional wireframe process to avoid duplication of various annotations, modules, etc. I could see taking it a step further and trying to organize it around this methodology, and doing so with much success. Just too far along at this point to deviate, but I'm going to keep this idea in mind for the next project. Nice work.

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  • Posted to Codex — Hashtag, back up, and share your notes and photos., in reply to Joey Cofone , Jan 19, 2017

    Hello - the Codex app was a way for me to discover the notebooks and pen and I'm enjoying using both of them so far. Can you explain why, for lack of a better word, the auto detect feature is so "glitchy?" Even in good light with the notebook positioned flat, it seems to have trouble aligning to the dimensions of a page. I've been wondering if perhaps a "guide" at the four corners of a page would help, some kind of small right angle line that the app could detect and determine where the edges of a page are. Wondering if you have looked into anything like that in your development process?

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  • Posted to What are your biggest obstacles?, Jan 13, 2017

    Unfocused client meetings with no detailed agenda that end after an hour or two with no topics that pertain to my team and our work and nothing of value we need to offer. They end up being wasted time in which we're constantly listening for queues or our names to engage with others, but they never come and we realize we weren't needed during that time. It ends up being wasted time that could be better used being productive. It's amazing how much even a couple instances of this a week can throw off the entire week.

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  • Posted to Why has Apple made the Apple TV experience more confusing with the TV app?, in reply to Jon Myers , Jan 04, 2017

    I looked up the tvOS guidelines yesterday to see what they had to say about onscreen typography, particularly because I can't stand the lightweight fonts used by HBO Go. Funny enough... Apple explicitly describe how fonts need to be large enough and readable, and that thin fonts should be avoided. At even an average distance, the HBO typography (which doesn't follow suggestions from Apple) is challenging to read.

    I can understand giving app developers the flexibility to integrate branding and typography into their apps, but it's a shame to see them not find a happy medium between the guidelines and their stylistic approaches, or, to not offer users some ability to customize it to their liking (ex: font weight, background color, etc.). I would love to see those capabilities in a future version.

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  • Posted to Why has Apple made the Apple TV experience more confusing with the TV app?, in reply to Luca Candela , Jan 04, 2017

    Well played.

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  • Posted to Site Design: BlokDust - Browser-based music, instrument & sound creation, Aug 26, 2016

    What a fantastic effort all the way around on this. Discovered it via Reddit yesterday and have only had a little bit of time to play around with it, but the visual design of it is incredibly impressive.

    One of the creators, Luke Twyman, has some really cool work on his personal site: http://whitevinyldesign.com

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