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  • Posted to What's the best free GIF creation tool for Mac?, Jul 10, 2017

    The best way to answer this question is with another question — what type of GIF are you trying to create?

    I agree with most of the suggestions listed above, but would add a few thoughts…

    Best free tool for fine-tuning video files, links to videos (e.g. YouTube) and other GIFs on a desktop (Mac): GIF Brewery (by Gyfcat)

    Best free tool for capturing interactions, and other motion directly from your desktop (Mac) display: GIPHY Capture (formerly GifGrabber)

    Best free tool for creating GIFs from Live Photos on your iPhone⁺: Motion Stills (by Google)

    ⁺Best free tool for creating GIFs from Live Photos on your iPhone…that you can easily send to people (smaller file size): GIPHY Cam (note: Live Photos appear to import in reverse (mirror-image), so it’s worth converting the Live Photo to a movie clip in another app, like Google’s Motion Stills app)

    Best free tool for creating GIFs in mobile overall: GIPHY Cam (iOS and Android) (note: Android version has trouble linking to video folder; iOS version appears to have issues with Live Photos importing in reverse, as mentioned above)

    Best free tool for creating captioned GIFs: GIPHY Slack App (I find myself going straight to Slack if I want to caption a GIF before sending. Since Slack is usually open on my desktop, I go to a discreet user/channel (like my @username, or @slackbot), use the GIPHY slash command (/giphy), followed by the caption hashtag option (#caption), the caption in quotes ("") [author’s note: actually, double primes], followed by a search term or a link to a GIF. Open the resulting link, and use/save the resulting GIF.

    Best free tool for capturing and creating stop-motion GIFs on your phone: Musemage (iPhone only) (by Ultralab) - iOS - Android

    Best free tool for drawing animated GIFs on your phone: Animatic (by Inkboard) - iOS - Android - AmazonAnimator (by Photo Video Creative Labs) - iOS - Android

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