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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 285: Shaun Mosley, Senior Interaction Designer at Intuit, Mar 11, 2019

    Shaun Mosley is one busy guy! By day, he's a software designer and interaction designer, and as part of Intuit's Design System team, he helps build the components and interactions for popular financial apps like Mint and QuickBooks. Outside of work, Shaun is a relatively new resident to the Bay Area, a podcaster, and a proud papa!

    We spent a good bit of time talking about Shaun's journey as a designer, what he's looking forward to in 2019, and he shared the best advice he's gotten which has helped him grow. Shaun's motto is to "trust the process", and I think doing that has really helped him succeed!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 284: The State of the Internet 2019, Mar 04, 2019

    Revision Path has had quite a journey, so for our 6th anniversary, we're going to take some time to go over the highlights (and lowlights) of the past year, and give you a sneak peek into what's coming up on the horizon.

    Also, we've got a special treat — a conversation with Glitch CEO Anil Dash and CryptoHarlem founder Matt Mitchell from this year's inaugural Forums @ Civic Hall event titled "The State of the Internet 2019"! If you're interested in hearing about the challenges facing the health of the Internet, along with solutions on how to make the Internet a better place, then make sure you stick around for this important conversation.

    A huge thanks to all of our listeners and supporters over the past six years!

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  • Posted to RECOGNIZE // An Anthology About Design, Mar 01, 2019

    RECOGNIZE, an anthology of essays and commentary from indigenous people and people of color, is accepting submissions! The finished anthology will be published on Inside Design by InVision near the end of 2019.

    The theme for this year's anthology is "space", and the submission deadline is April 15. Check the About page , including the No Harm Guidelines for more information.

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 283: Alana Washington, Strategy Lead of Capital One Bank's Data Experience Design Team, Feb 25, 2019

    I have really enjoyed talking with some members of the Capital One Digital Team this month, and what better way to wrap up the month than to talk about the woman who helped make all this possible -- Alana Washington! As the strategy lead on the data experience design (DXD) team at Capital One, she not only works with engineers on data visualization, but she's also building out a data journalism practice also!

    We talked more about Alana's work and she talked about her nontraditional path into tech, her work with organizing UX Week 2018, and the importance of fairness in artificial intelligence and machine learning for people of color. Alana also gave some great information for designers looking to enter the AI/ML space, and gave her predictions on where AI is going into the future. Thank you so much for Alana for all your hard work at Capital One, as well as helping to organize this exciting month of interviews!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 282: Belindah Jones, UX Designer at Capital One Bank, Feb 18, 2019

    How do you define success? If you haven't thought about this, then this week's interview with Belindah Jones will help put you in the right frame of mind to answer it. Belindah works a UX designer with Capital One's Digital Team, and she brings a rich history of design education to one of the country's most popular banks.

    We began by looking at Belindah's day-to-day work, and she shared how Capital One champions diversity in design. From there, Belindah talked about her work as a design professor, life growing up in Kenya, her dream project, and drops some gems on what designers need to know in order to be successful. This episode will definitely give you something to think about!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 281: Arneice Hart, Senior Product Designer at Capital One Bank, Feb 11, 2019

    Our look at the Capital One Digital team continues this month with the talented multidisciplinary designer Arneice Hart. She works as a senior product designer at Capital One, and her work involves reducing people's financial anxiety and helping change banking for good.

    Arneice talked about how she approaches new creative projects, and shared insights she learned from early in her career, advice she would have given herself as a young designer, and spoke about how her passions helped drive and inspire her to where she is today. According to Arneice, there is no linear path to becoming a designer, and her journey as a designer proves that!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 280: Jamika D. Burge, PhD; Dean of Eno University at Capital One, Feb 04, 2019

    February on Revision Path is sponsored by Capital One, and we’re bringing you the stories of four Black women that are part of the Capital One Digital team.

    Meet Jamika D. Burge, PhD, dean of Eno University and a “human computer scientist” who works at the intersection of tech and design. She focuses on inclusitvity in AI and machine learning, and truly proves that tech and design aren’t just one-dimensional subjects.

    We spoke on her work at Capital One as she walked me through how Capital One uses technology in their digital team, and she talked about blackComputeHER, an organization and conference she created that is dedicated to supporting computer science and STEM education and workforce development for Black girls and women. Listen on for Jamika’s thoughts on computer science at HBCUs, Black tech conferences, and more!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 279: 2D and 3D Exhibit Designer Richard Bentham, Jan 28, 2019

    When I met exhibit designer Richard Bentham last summer while in Washington DC, I immediately wanted to have him come on the show. Museums play such a pivotal part in our understanding of history, and I thought it would be fascinating to explore that with someone who actually designs the exhibits we see.

    We started off talking about Richard's work at the National Museum of the American Indian, and he shared how he first got interested in exhibit design. From there, we discussed the role of the museum in modern times, and Richard talked about where he sees exhibit design going in the future. He even shared some advice for designers out there who might be interested in getting into the field. It's vital that we see more people of color in museums, not just as attendees, but as people behind the scenes as well. I'm really glad to have Richard on the podcast to not only talk about these issues, but to show a new possibility for designers to pursue!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 278: Annyce Davis, Android developer and software team lead at ZOLA Electric, Jan 24, 2019

    There's a lot of A's in this episode — Amsterdam, Android, and Annyce Davis! As the software team lead for ZOLA Electric, Annyce has helped the company become the leading renewable energy brand in Africa. Apart from this, Annyce is an international conference speaker and author, and shares her knowledge with developers all over the world.

    Our conversation started off with a look at a typical day at ZOLA Electric, and Annyce talked about what drew her to the Android ecosystem (and to the world of software development in general). She also shared what it's like to live in Amsterdam, spoke about how public speaking has helped her career, and gave some great advice for anyone looking to work abroad. Annyce is proof that being visible and being an advocate for yourself really pays off!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 277: Aisha Blake, web developer at Detroit Labs, Jan 14, 2019

    You might not think of Detroit as a city for tech, but web developer Aisha Blake is helping change that perspective. She works as a web developer for Detroit Labs, fosters the next generation of tech speakers through Detroit Speakers in Tech, and her story of what drew her to the city is one that you've gotta hear.

    Aisha and I talked about how a goalball tournament was the catalyst for her journey to Detroit, how couchsurfing opened up her up to an entirely new community, and she shared the the one piece of advice which has helped her accomplish so much in life in such a short amount of time. According to Aisha, we all need to feel comfortable with trying new things, and I think you'll come away from this conversation feeling inspired to do just that!

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