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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 264: Courtney Wilburn, Lead DevOps Engineer at The Wirecutter, Oct 15, 2018

    Thanks to engineers like Courtney Wilburn, your favorite sites can stay online even when they're getting slammed with visitors. And as the lead DevOps engineer for the popular product review site The Wirecutter, she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to the Web.

    During our conversation, we talked about how she first got interested in DevOps, and Courtney shared some of the tools she uses, and how she took a non-traditional path into tech after college. She also discussed some skills that designers can hone to help out DevOps engineers, and she spoke about how bringing your full self to work helps with creative freedom. So the next time you're browsing the web and you think about what it takes to keep websites running smoothly, think of Courtney!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 263: UI/UX designer and developer Courtney La Prince, Oct 08, 2018

    The multitalented Courtney La Prince is a true go-getter! Her focus on delivering the best experiences she can for users goes through all her work, and you’ll definitely pick up on that during our conversation.

    We started off with Courtney talking about her current work at The Home Depot, and she talked about what brought her back to Atlanta to continue her career. Courtney also runs Inspire. Motiv8. Design. Creative Studio, so we spoke a bit about entrepreneurship in Atlanta and what she hopes to achieve in the next five years. No matter the obstacle, Courtney’s drive and passion to succeed will get her through!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 262: UX researcher and designer Jordan Green, Oct 01, 2018

    I first met Jordan in our Slack community, and ever since then, he’s been a part of helping foster Revision Path’s community. Currently, Jordan works as a research coordinator for the MyPEEPS project at the University of Washington, and helps use his skills in UX design and research to help social impact organizations and projects.

    We talked about his current work at UW, and Jordan shared how he fell into UX design and research by accident after years of work in public health. From there, we talked about our experience meeting at XOXO this year, and had a great discussion about the importance of queer people in design. Jordan is committed to creating great design for social change, so definitely keep an eye out for more of his work in the future!

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  • Posted to Are there any Front-End developers sites like Dribbble?, Sep 24, 2018

    Might also wanna check out Glitch as well. Good mix of front-end devs and other great projects:

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  • Posted to Latinxs Who Design, Sep 24, 2018

    Great to see this, and also great to have a resource I can point people to in order to find Latinx designers!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 261: Marcus Mosby, senior interaction designer at Fjord, Sep 24, 2018

    I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of this year’s HBCU Month on Revision Path (as well as this year’s World Interaction Design Day) than with a conversation with Marcus Mosby. Marcus is a senior interaction designer at Fjord in Austin, TX, and his passion lies in designing and creating experiences that help improve the lives of users everywhere.

    We started off with an introduction to interaction design, and Marcus talked about the processes and tools he uses, and gave tips for other designers looking to get into the field. From there, we talked about his time at Clark Atlanta University, and he shared what it’s like to design for different cultural considerations, and even gave us a peek at his photography work! There are a lot of paths you can take to get into design, and Marcus wants you to know that the sky’s the limit!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 260: Visual artist and creative entrepreneur Cary Michael Robinson, Sep 17, 2018

    When I stumbled across Cary Michael Robinson's work, I knew I had to have him on the show. He's got his hands in a lot of different aspects of art and design, and has even turned that into a series of entrepreneurial ventures in the DMV area.

    We started off talking about Cary Michael's day job with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and he gave a breakdown as to the importance of patents, trademarks and copyrights for creative makers. From there, Cary Michael shared his story of learning art at FAMU, and even shared some tips for designers on how to nail their own personal brand. Cary Michael is a true testament to living your life's purpose through your passion, and I hope his story helps you pursue your inspirations!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 259: Designer and mixed media collage artist Kendrick Daye, Sep 10, 2018

    As a working artist, it can be a constant battle between unchallenged freedom of expression and doing what you need to do to survive and put food on the table. Artist and designer Kendrick Daye has successfully found a way to bridge this divide, and I’m glad to have a chance to talk with him about how he manages that balance in the city that never sleeps.

    We talked about Kendrick’s vibrant mixed media collage style and he shared where his inspiration comes from for his work. We also talked about what his time was like as a student at Morehouse, and how those experiences shaped him into the artist he is today. Kendrick wants his work to inspire others to do their own thing, and at this rate, I think he’s well on his way to make that happen!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 258: Delanie West, design leader in product dev, experience design, packaging, and more, Sep 03, 2018

    As a creative, Delanie West contains multitudes. She has over 20 years of experience in the design industry across product development, packaging, experience design, and creative global sourcing. She’s lead creative teams, served on executive committees, and has been influential in mentoring designers and developers from all over.

    Delanie is also the brains behind BeSuperCreative, a consultancy that helps people and organizations bring their creative ideas to life. We talked about how she got her start in design from an ad in The New York Times, what she looks for when hiring for creative teams, her time at Hampton University, and a lot more. Delanie’s goal is to help designers evolve their career past just delivering on a creative brief, so make sure you pay attention to her advice in this week’s episode!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 257: Artist, author, illustrator, designer, and film maker Sean Fahie, Aug 27, 2018

    When I first had the idea to do a month dedicated to Atlanta’s art scene, Sean Fahie’s name immediately came to mind. Sean really does it all — he’s a designer, an artist, an illustrator, an author, a film maker, a podcaster, and more. I knew that this conversation was really going to be a good one, and Sean did not disappoint.

    Sean started off talking about the release of his third book, Chocolate Covered Honey Buns, and he spoke about what it’s like for him as a working artist. Sean also talked about what drew him to Atlanta, how the city has changed over the years, and we take some questions from the Revision Path audience as well! He even shared some of the Atlanta artists we should all look out for, and talked about his upcoming book tour (coming to a city near you). Thank you Sean for representing Atlanta and for sharing your talents with the world!

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