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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 370: syndicated cartoonist Ray Billingsley, creator of Curtis, Oct 26, 2020

    If you live in the United States and have read the funny pages any time within the past 30 years, then you already know about the work from this week’s guest. Ray Billingsley is the creator of Curtis, the daily comic that follows the life and times of a precocious 11-year-old Black boy, his family, and his classmates. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share this conversation with a cartoon legend.

    Ray gave an introduction to the Curtis comic universe, and talked about growing up in North Carolina and New York as a youth, attending SVA and working for Disney, and how he got his first national comic before beginning work on Curtis. Ray also shared his thoughts on new Black comic artists, discussed the value of peer mentorship, and spoke about what’s in the future for him and the strip. Ray’s diligence and steadfast commitment to his body of work is something every creative should take to heart, and I hope his story inspires you to pick up the baton and keep running that race!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 369: Software engineer Nici Kelly, founder and CEO of Care Covr, Oct 19, 2020

    Tech can be a lucrative career, but how many of us think of it as a way to close the wealth gap in the Black community? Nici Kelly does, and I love that her mission is to show people the different pathways into tech and tech entrepreneurship as a way to build a legacy.

    We started off talking about Nici’s company, Care Covr, and her inspiration behind starting it in the midst of a global health pandemic. Our conversation continued when Nici talked about building Black wealth, her early introductions to technology, working in and with the Atlanta tech community, and what motivates her to keep going while also giving back to others.

    Remember the name Nici Kelly, because I definitely think you’ll hear more about her for years to come!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 368: Britt Lyle II, designer, glitch artist, cosplayer, VJ, Oct 12, 2020

    Britt Lyle II is more than just a designer — he contains multitudes. Currently, he works as a graphics assistant at AMB Sports + Entertainment, where he helps out on visuals used by the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. But outside of work? That’s when you see the different facets of what makes Britt unique.

    We started our conversation discussing Britt’s work, which led to him talking about growing up in Orlando and attending Florida A&M University and studying through their esteemed design program. He also shared his story about moving to Atlanta and attending SCAD for graduate school, falling in love with motion graphics, and shared some of his other talents, including glitch art and cosplay!

    Being a designer doesn’t mean having just one skill, and Britt is living proof of that!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 367: Brandi Davis, designer, creative director, founder of BDavis Designs, Oct 05, 2020

    Lately, I have been doing a deep dive into the magazine archives of EBONY and JET. While skimming the masthead of one of the old issues, I stumbled across this week’s guest — Brandi Davis! Brandi served as Johnson Publishing Company’s web designer from 2004-2012, and was front and center at the company’s shift from print to web. Wait until you hear her anecdotes about working there!

    While we do spend a good bit of time talking about that portion of her career, we also talked about the importance of Black media online, how she has expanded into doing art therapy, and we dive into Brandi’s latest creative project — her own line of custom apparel inspired by her faith, her life, the culture, and her love for the city of Chicago. Brandi’s drive and tenacity are the keys to her success, and I think after this interview, you will be motivated to conquer your own fears as well!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 366: Vernon Lockhart, artist, creative therapist, executive director of Project Osmosis, Sep 28, 2020

    Have you picked up on the connection between this month’s guests? It can be easy to look at the advocacy work and projects around diversity in design and think it’s a new movement, but the reality is that the work is built on the shoulders and legacy of Black designers like Vernon Lockhart. As an artist, creative therapist, and the executive director of Project Osmosis, Vernon has worked hard to empower the next generation of designers through education for at least the past 20 years.

    We spoke about Vernon’s creative therapy practice, Art on the Loose, and he shared how his time growing up in Chicago, attending SAIC, and becoming involved with the Organization of Black Designers helped build the foundation for Project Osmosis. We also talked about respectability politics, the trap of “diversity”, and his plans for bringing more design education to the south side of Chicago. Vernon Lockhart and his work are a testament to the fact that we all have the human right to be creative!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 365: Antionette Carroll, social entrepreneur, equity designer, founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, Sep 21, 2020

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this conversation with Antionette Carroll with you. Longtime listeners of the show may remember her first appearance here back in 2014. In the six years since then, Antionette has risen to become one of the design community’s most outspoken advocates, and one of its fiercest critics. As the founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, her advocacy work has been shared around the world.

    This week’s episode is a bit different than usual. You’ll learn about the origins of Creative Reaction Lab, hear about her new venture &Design with Timothy Bardlavens (another past Revision Path guest!), and get some candid talk about the country’s oldest professional organization for designers, AIGA. Antionette is proof that one person can really make an impression in the world through hard work, honesty, and determination!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 364: Shayla Hunter, brand marketing strategist, illustrator, founder of The 100 Black Females* Project, Sep 14, 2020

    One thing I love about Shayla Hunter’s story is how it’s never to late to pivot to a new career. By day, she works as a strategist at Egg Strategy, helping clients with solving problems through interviews, focus groups, and research. Outside of work, Shayla is the creator of The 100 Black Females* Project, a creative look at what it means to be a Black woman or girl today.

    After starting things off with a quick pandemic/work-from-home update, Shayla shared how she began her career in publishing in NYC during the 2000s, including time during her master’s program at SVA studying under Debbie Millman. Shayla also went into why she shifted her career from visual content to strategy, and talked about how The 100 Black Females* Project came to be. Shayla’s success is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 363: Mitzi Okou, interaction and visual designer at HP, Sep 07, 2020

    If you attended the inaugural “Where Are The Black Designers?” conference a few months ago, then you’re probably familiar with this week’s guest — Mitzi Okou. This interaction and visual designer made quite the splash this year, and now that the dust has settled from this summer’s event, I figured it would be a great time to have her on Revision Path.

    Mitzi talked about growing up in Atlanta and shared how her time as a classical cellist ended up fueling her career in design. We also discussed the Where Are The Black Designers? conference, and Mitzi gave some behind-the-scenes info on how it all came together and what she plans on doing next to keep the momentum going. Mitzi has definitely gotten the attention of the design community, and I’m intrigued to see what her next move will be!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 362: Tolu Ajayi, product designer, educator, founder of UI Narrative, Aug 31, 2020

    If you’re thinking about getting into product design, then this week’s interview with Tolu Ajayi is just for you! Tolu has made it her mission to help inspire the next generation of product designers, and her passion and energy are infectious.

    Our conversation began with Tolu talking about her current work as a product designer, and she told her story about how she transitioned from graphic design to UI/UX, and shared what sparked her to create UI Narrative, a platform and podcast that helps inspire and connect her to the greater design community. She also spoke on the Black women in design who help inspire her, and shared some of her goals for the future. I’m really excited to see just how far Tolu will go!

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  • Posted to Revision Path Ep. 361: Hank Washington, illustrator, art director, head of Hank Designs Studio, Aug 24, 2020

    Meet Hank Washington, the owner of Hank Design Studios. His studio’s mission is to help brands turn strangers into friends, and Hank does this through the design and illustration. I was glad to catch up with him recently, not too long after his move to Atlanta.

    We spoke about weathering the pandemic, and Hank shared how the first few months of business has went for his studio. He also talked about growing up in a small Southern town and being exposed to design as a kid, moving to Alabama to consider pursuing his dream, and gave some great advice for any designers out there looking to hone their unique style.

    Hank’s illustration style is a good indicator of what kind of designer he is — creative, playful, and willing to think outside the box. And now that he’s struck out on his own, there’s no telling where his skills will take him!

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