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  • Posted to SwiftUI - build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift, Jun 05, 2019

    Sketch import plugin anyone?

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  • Posted to Pro Display XDR, Jun 05, 2019

    Still struggling with the decision, do I buy an iPhone or a Stand?

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, Jun 05, 2019

    Waited for the presentation of the Mac Pro. I want to dive deeper into Animation, 3D Modeling and Rendering. But therefore i need a powerful machine. I cannot pay 6000 $ for just an entry model. I will move back to Win since there are more render engines and plugins available and way more payable machines. I will live in two Worlds than, Sketch on Mac and 3D on Win. Thats really sad i love the mac environment.

    Another big NoNo is the lack of Nvidia Cards. There aren't supported because Apple wants to dig into the Architecture of the graphic chips which isn't allowed by Nvidia, because it is their IP. Apple doesn't take side of the user, instead they ditch Nvidia Cards, just because.

    The User is the Center of our efforts - F*** you Apple. You guys walked into the wrong direction, yes we wanted a powerful machine but we wanted also a payable entry level machine for "Pros" who need more performance not for the 0.1% of Hollywood Artists.

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  • Posted to pingpong — the messaging app for productive teams, Apr 10, 2019

    My feedback:

    No capitals? Looks like: we are hip we write everything lowercase, because. High profile clients will be saying: nah, they can‘t write, we chose slack, teams, skype whatever. Stakeholder always looking for correct writing because it is important what and how you say it.

    Make the input regarding the early access more prominent, it looks like disabled, make it more „conversionable“ and write something whats the early access is about. I wouldn‘t install it because there is no imprint i dunno where it is hosted and so else.

    Pricing is weird, anchoring is ok, but i wasn‘t reding the text wanted the price in sight but it is the text, hard to recognize. Maybe build up a card pr something. Make the price bigger.

    Greyscale colors aren‘t matching. The logo is kinda blueish while the inputfields are greyish, they don‘t match.

    On iPad Pro there is a lot of whitespace i would suggest to reduce it it is a bit too much.

    I would also deliver way more information about your product since it is a messaging plattform and for companys it is really important to have a secure communications, i see nothing which gives me trust to use this app.

    It looks good, but i think you will need marketing to establish contents and by that an IA which gives your product a more trustworthyness. Always consider communications within the company world wants secure protocols. When bigger companies don‘t find these informations they won‘t use it.

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  • Posted to Sketch 54: Snapping Improvements and Dark Mode Switch, in reply to Joe Roberto , Apr 10, 2019

    Yes thats the way! F*** strokes ...

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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., Apr 10, 2019

    I am 39 years old and working since i was 14 years old in the design industry have seen a lot and can do nearlly everything from print products, packaging (studied packaging design), animations, videos and even music. I produced music since i was 14 as well as hip hop was turning over here in germany, graffiti was also a huge part. From the beginning i was programming flash websites and did animations in flash and shortly after that i created first music videos in Premiere and After Effects. Since 2000 i created websites and brochures for clients while studying. Since 2007 i was totally in Interfaces till this day and have written a 500 pages book about App Design.

    Currently i am in 3D. Since 2010 i was using cinema 4D here and there but will digg deeper when my new computer is there since 3D stuff relies heavy on hardware and will try to have a solid step into unity. I think that AR and VR is the next evolution in the digital industry and therefore i want to help creating 3D contents and Videos as well as interfaces for it. My approach is to learn new stuff till my retirement. But i guess i will be never in retirement because i love to be creative with all sort of stuff. Currently i am working on an music album, because i stopped making music by 2007 and was going back doing it in 2017 and want to try to establish myself as an musician and artist in the future. My Vision is to create nice videos and music while having a decent living with it and creating designs for high profile clients here and there.

    As a Note i am a freelancer and really happy with it. I couldn‘t imagine working on the same place and doing the same stuff i did like brochures or other print stuff everyday in hope of getting a better step on the ladder.

    I have also a tip for you which my help you understand how designs jobs are may be in the future, just read the book: Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro, you will find it here, when i was Reading it it was an eye opener for me, here we go: Design is a Job

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  • Posted to I have more than 90 pages in Sketch and it's very very slow - any solutions? , Mar 25, 2019

    Sorry to say that, thats not how you should work with sketch. For now the best way or as i see it all around, is to have multiple LIBs.

    • 1 Lib for Icons & Illusstrations
    • 1 Lib for Atom Components
    • 1 Lib for Molecules, Organism, Templates (Depends on Lib Size)
    • 1 Lib for Views

    If you setup a new alteration/version of the design on a daily basis you just create a new empty sketch file everytime and use these Libs to create you design and move from there. Go on detach and do you thing. After every stakeholder is happy and ready to built, you convert altered Components into the lib and refresh it.

    Your called "Master Layouts" are the Templates and Views. Just check out Atomic Design on Google. You will find good instructions how to built and structure a Libs. You can also search for different Plugins to help create your lib files out of your big Sketch file. Just create a new topic here and ask for plugins xyz. You maybe need renaming, Replace Plugins and so on.

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  • Posted to “Exporting” an iOS app UI to Sketch, Mar 25, 2019

    That is not possible. The easy way would be to take screenshots and move from there. But i would recommend to recreate the whole UI. You may need to establish a design system to bring the app on a new sophisticated level.

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  • Posted to John Maeda: “In reality, design is not that important”, Mar 21, 2019

    He is totally right. It seems he wasn't a good communicator, back then? Nothing new. Back in my days my works doesn't look like i designed it. First thing i did was to talk to devs back in the days to learn how something is built. Way more important than creating nice images for fake internet points. Learned Flash Action script to understand complexity. Today it seems designer are way more extrovert as in my days, they don't see whats up they just anticipate success and they measure it by views on dribbble or behance. Which results in designers thinking they can do everything and will fail when a design system needs to be established. Sad but true.

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  • Posted to Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding, in reply to Steven Newman , Mar 17, 2019

    Please not, they should use Flinto for mac, principle only if you can deactivate the terrible lock on layernames.

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