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  • Posted to The Guardian new design, Jan 16, 2018

    Typography. Looks totally compressed and not optimized, which is sad because it is a newspaper/magazine who should take care of fonts. How did the redesign? Also nowdays you can reduce the dividing lines. I think the client said we need 1.000 articles above the fold, we don't care about typography...

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  • Posted to Laws of UX, in reply to Perttu Talasniemi , Jan 16, 2018

    See them in there.

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  • Posted to Laws of UX, Jan 15, 2018

    Thumbs up, please more of it!

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  • Posted to How is Invision Studio?, in reply to Andrew Ciobanasiu , Jan 13, 2018

    I remember that i received and „first in line“ mail regarding V7. But cant recall when i received it.

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  • Posted to Site Design: ertdfgcvb, Jan 10, 2018

    I have nothin more to say than: asdadfasfsdffdasfasffrfvdsfvlfvlsdfvlvldfv!

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  • Posted to Apple without css?, Jan 10, 2018

    Next Time Screenshot or it didn't happen!

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  • Posted to How to unlink a sketch symbol library?, Jan 05, 2018

    Under Preferences > Libraries you will find a list with active Libraries. You can select or deselect them. Maybe you find your settings there.

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  • Posted to Relaunching Gifme Website, Jan 05, 2018

    Nice Project. But can anybody suggest me a use case for this? Because why should i place a gif within my layouts? If necessary to show videos or animations i will use my prototyping tools for it...

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  • Posted to Anybody else not that interested in stories about design tools?, Dec 29, 2017

    I once suggeseted to the DN Team, i think, as feedback to provide us a badge for tools and/or better Filter Functions. Look at the search is horrable too, always a pain to Look out for interessting posts.

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  • Posted to Why does some Clients doesn't listen to expertises?, in reply to Marcel van Werkhoven , Dec 29, 2017

    Hey Marcel,

    thx for your feedback. Currently i am in Phase 1 of your suggestion. Seems to work, but it also seems that s**t will fall further down the process, let see what the developers say regarding the designs. I wil give them a hint ;-)

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