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  • Posted to I'm selfishly teaching design to my engineers, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Mar 09, 2018

    As a former engineer, I agree - but in this case both are relevant.

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  • Posted to I'm selfishly teaching design to my engineers, in reply to barry saunders , Mar 08, 2018

    Haha. I mean that's basically what I'm advocating for. Not full on design, but learning bits and pieces can make them better engineers.

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  • Posted to Do people write you on your contact form? / How do you generate leads?, Feb 21, 2018

    Why not just put an email to make it easier for people to contact you? I personally hate contact forms - if I send some correspondence, I want documentation in my own email service.

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  • Posted to The laziness that kills good products , in reply to Andrew Richardson , Feb 08, 2018

    Good point - I guess it really depends. Some A/B tests are super simple to run. A lot of the suggestions that I hear during product meetings are much higher effort though. For example, an entirely different layout of a page, or a different interaction metaphor for some UI. It also highly depends on the capabilities of your A/B testing framework. At Microsoft, literally every test was a huge amount of work (my team was the first team in Office to even do A/B testing...lolllllll). Conversely when working at Imgur, we used Optimizely and could test small changes super easily.

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  • Posted to The laziness that kills good products , Feb 08, 2018

    I wrote this to give some tactical advice on being more assertive during product/design meetings. I'm also really excited because I created an illustration for the post - normally I'm god awful at drawing. But I spent a good amount of time on it and I'm happy with where it ended up :D

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  • Posted to A new weekly design & development show on YouTube called Yo!, Feb 06, 2018

    Great show! The amount of detail put into the transitions and interstitials was fantastic. One small thing - I felt like you could have had more energy. I dunno if that's just me, but there seemed to be an imbalance between the energy of the music and your speaking pace.

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  • Posted to The only website that lets you filter video online, Feb 01, 2018

    Just want to say I love your About Us page!

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  • Posted to Decision Tracking/Documentation, Jan 30, 2018

    Hiya. Founder of here - that's one thing our product does well according to some of our users. More tactically, sometimes I'll put a List Card in the project and use it to keep track of important decisions right next to the docs/designs. Not sure if that's the type of decisions making you mean...just wanted to make you aware.

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  • Posted to For remote workers in agile teams: how do your team do retros?, Jan 26, 2018

    The team is remote. IMO the more important thing is that the person running the retro asks the right questions. But because we're remote, we use Google Sheets - we have a column for "What went well", "What risks do we face", "What could have gone better", and "Action Item". And then a separate sheet for each week.

    Types of questions I ask: * Anything you guys are proud of this week? * { Name } was there anything that didn't go well for you? (if I notice one person is quiet) * Are there any parts of our process that you all felt like are slowing you down?

    We also do the blameless retro thing. Even if one person dropped the ball one something, we think of it as "how should the process change so that it doesn't happen again?" rather than "hey, that person dropped the ball".

    Lastly, at the start of each retro, we look through the action items of the previous week and check to see if they were accomplished, then duplicate the sheet to start this week's retro.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Posted to Creating smooth CSS animations — even with a heavy DOM, in reply to Tom C , Jan 26, 2018

    Woah! Thanks for that catch haha. No disrespect meant to those folks!

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