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Tom Wood

Art Director at Peregrine Communications Joined over 3 years ago via an invitation from Quentin R.

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  • Posted to Kvell Home, Mar 21, 2017


    The design of the website perfectly mirrors the design of the furniture. I adore the unusual navigation (although as mentioned by others, I think a text-descriptor on hovering over the dots would help, as well as a "products" link in the Nav).

    The animations are slick, the interactions are a delight and add an almost textural feel to the website. They give the website some emotional heft and personality.

    Colour palette is (for the most part) perfect.

    With regards to the traditional e-commerce approach, I don't agree. The criticisms stem from the assumption that the company wants to sell a gazillion items and would be better suited having a Shopify template. Perhaps the aim of the company was to stand out from the crowd, to convey an experience and a mood?

    It's easy to get upset because this site doesn't conform to the amazon-esque ecommerce model that you're used to. But designs like this are wonderful. They set a brand apart from the frankly disposable and ubiquitous websites which litter the market.

    I say "well done".

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  • Posted to Single designers in teams, how do you get design mentorship or coaching?, Mar 20, 2017

    This was ultimately the main reason I got a new job. I pushed myself, but despite the best advice that the "internet is all you need", you can't know what you're lacking in until someone points it out.

    So, my advice to you is to see if your company can provide you with a budget to get some training to expand your design thinking. IDEO seems to be an incredible place for this.

    For me, for example, I didn't realise that my typography and layout skills weren't up to scratch. If I had stayed in the role, I would probably have never known how they were lacking or where to improve them. So it is tough.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Wyre Branding, Mar 17, 2017

    Nice case-study.

    Although for me, I feel that the drop shadows need to change in opacity to match the colour of the underlying tile. Having both drop shadows in the same colour is distracting.

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  • Posted to John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code, Mar 16, 2017

    Most of the comments are short sighted.

    Learning to code at 30 isn't going to help you compete with 20 somethings who can do both. They will be cheaper than you, and in all likelihood, they will be quicker than you.

    Whilst I think learning to code is of great benefit to a designer working for the web (my experience only), you should be thinking of the bigger picture of your career.

    Will you, at 40 or 50, still be designing apps or websites?

    If you want to make a career of this, then you need to think long term. Where can you add value when you're 40? The answer may be that you need to be involved at a strategic level; the Art Director or Creative Director. Perhaps you want to continue day-to-day designing – in an Agency, or solo? If so, do you need to build up a list of contacts now?

    The problem with most of these threads and articles is short-termism. If you think that coding is going to help you have a longer term career, then do it. But that's not the core of the problem.

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  • Posted to Shantell Martin - by Anton & Irene, Mar 15, 2017

    She's awesome – not just for her style, but for her approach.

    Really worth watching her speak, there's a fair bit on YouTube which is worth anyone's time.

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  • Posted to What is Design?, Mar 09, 2017

    It's funny cos it's satirical!

    Jesus wept..

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  • Posted to Picnic: A Sketch plugin for working together in a single file. , Mar 02, 2017

    Tools like this whilst useful for some people, always remind me of this:

    duck season

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  • Posted to Stacks: Flexbox for Sketch App (hands on demo), Feb 27, 2017

    This just blew my mind. Superb tutorial, really love Pablo's enthusiasm.

    Combine Stacks with Nested Symbols and you can create stunningly dynamic components – it' so exciting!

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  • Posted to The portfolio of Jonathan Patterson, Feb 23, 2017

    Made entirely in Webflow? If so, an incredible case study for the tool.

    This is inspirational stuff, out of the box. The home page alone is a wonderful thing, but it's the little details that set it apart.

    A designer who cares this much about the little interactions, animations and so-on, suggests a designer who would take care with your brand. Big love.

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  • Posted to Podcast suggestions, Jan 20, 2017

    Hello to Jason Isaacs

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