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Peter Thomas

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  • Posted to World Cup Stamps by Maan , Jul 04, 2014

    Love these stamp designs. Shame they are only concepts, beautiful work by

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  • Posted to Site Design: Square, in reply to Ryan Glover , Dec 10, 2013

    I wonder if it's a deliberate design decision. By obfuscating the menu slightly the content has to work harder to guide the user though the site. Especially on a first visit when a user is exploring , this means they pay more attention to content and don't look to the nav as a safety net?

    Then again I could be over thinking it!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Square, in reply to Allan Grinshtein , Dec 10, 2013

    Good point, well made!

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  • Posted to Site design: New Mint Digital, in reply to Andrew Lucas , Dec 10, 2013

    This is really nice. Google ventures have a similar nav on the re-design Behaviour is slightly different. Is this going to be a thing now? I really like it, quite "app-y"

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  • Posted to Site Design: Square, Dec 10, 2013

    Any thoughts/opinions on the menu pattern? I've seen it in similar variations in a few places now. The content is essentially the navigation on a marketing site like this, so does obvious primary navigation take a back seat to content that supports a users journey?

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