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  • Posted to MakeUI - The world’s first Sketch UI kit generator with themes, Jan 16, 2019

    It's a good idea, but it makes me sad that there is a market for designers who pay for something like this.

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  • Posted to Design / UX: Specialists vs Generalists — What’s Better? Here's the Truth, Jan 10, 2019

    Here's the Truth

    more like: "here is what I subjectively think".

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  • Posted to Charlie Gray, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Jan 10, 2019

    It's far too brutalist to of a UI to recede to the background. Great UX concept, poor execution with UI.

    You said it well.

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  • Posted to Which free software are you using for managing web font?, Jan 09, 2019

    rank them

    What do you mean by that? I am not entirely sure, if I understand your question.

    There are many aspects to managing webfonts:

    • finding fonts
    • choosing fonts
    • potentially collecting them somewhere and their licenses
    • buying fonts
    • using them on websites
    • managing FOUT, FOIT
    • managing loading

    so what part of it are you talking about exactly? Also Today, the differences between managing webfonts and regular fonts is almost only technical, as you can use any font on websites.

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  • Posted to Charlie Gray, Jan 09, 2019

    fantastic photography, the website isn't in my opinion. It really looks like so many other websites that try to be fancy by being more minimal, but end up being cookie cutter. Whereas the imagery has opinion in every shot, the rest of the design has no identity whatsoever, that's a big miss for me. A website is an opportunity to provide all kinds of users with the possibility to get to know your brand your vision, your whatever. But opinions differ of course. You could argue that this type of interface shifts the focus on the photos, but I don't think that's true either.

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  • Posted to Is Design Valuable?, Jan 04, 2019

    It would have been much better to use a headline that actually represents the content. Something like: "What I have done this year", or "my 2018 in design projects", or "how many website can you make about gradients?".

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  • Posted to UI Design: Look Back at 12 Top Interface Design Trends in 2018, in reply to Marina Yalanska , Jan 04, 2019

    ...real live websites that got SOTD on Awwwards

    Please don't use this as a reference point of actual implementation. Just because something is in code doesn't mean it's actually implemented design. These are very often sites made only to attract the industries attention. Not only of course - but wether a site has gotten an awwwards SOTD or not, is a very biased point of reference for wether a design was actually implemented. Especially considering that end users don't get a say in what becomes a SOTD, it's designers.

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  • Posted to UI Design: Look Back at 12 Top Interface Design Trends in 2018, Jan 04, 2019

    Dribbble shots are not representative. And these lists have been the same since 2013. Every year features "bold typography, catchy ui animations and creative use of video".

    The only actual trend this year were those abstracted, disproportioned human figures that everyone uses, and that trend started in late 2016. Those type of illustrations are very easy to reproduce. So easy, that someone even made a sketch library for it.

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, Jan 04, 2019

    Why a mobile App? Just make a PWA.

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  • Posted to (React, Headless CMS) Why Keen Can't Use WP's Gutenberg Editor Just Yet, Jan 04, 2019

    Articles like these remind me why I am happy to have stopped working with WordPress years ago.

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