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Thomas Michael Semmler

Vienna, Austria UI Engineer. I'm a bit mean sometimes Joined almost 4 years ago

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  • Posted to What exactly makes this animated interaction delightful? , Jul 19, 2019

    you heard it here first, if something takes a lot of work, users feel valued.

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  • Posted to UI Design Inspiration – Jul 2019, Jul 18, 2019

    Super disappointing to not see any actual user interfaces. UI Design is happening on many more ends, not just in the application that creates pixels.

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  • Posted to In love with Webflow - Shipped my first product in 2 hours, Jul 12, 2019

    I get that the point of it was it to proof that you can quickly make something with webflow, but your site isn't even responsive, but it is aimed at people in India, who rely heavily on mobile phones. Considering that this product is a static site with links on it, nothing more, which is very quickly done in any tool whatsover, I feel like this is exactly the wrong way to make people believe that webflow has any place for professional designers / developers.

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  • Posted to How to start a business with no money guide illustration work :) , Jul 11, 2019

    *in the US

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  • Posted to Youtube Design channels, Jul 03, 2019

    Not what you asked for, but I was subscribed to many of them and they are not really what I was looking for. I don't need another sketch plugin digest, figma advert or 7 hour tutorial explaining framer, or a screencast of how to design something completely irrelevant in sketch. A lot of designer's youtube channels are also just personalities trying our their NLP Skills, so I just unsubbed again.

    If you are looking for design content on youtube, then you are probably gonna be more satisfied by watching conference talks.

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  • Posted to Collection of Visual and Functional Building Blocks for creating web apps faster , Jun 26, 2019

    Can you use more emojis? Are you sure that founder comment was not written by a machine?

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Welcome Overflow 1.0, Jun 25, 2019

    nice colors!

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  • Posted to This feels shady Dribbble, anyone else? , in reply to Robert Harrigan , Jun 24, 2019

    Unfortunately. The more we start to ignore dribbble entirely, the better.

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  • Posted to Any designers using Framer X? Why or why not?, in reply to Dexter W , Jun 24, 2019

    That came out wrong, I was referring to No Mans Sky lol

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  • Posted to Byozo — An App for the Ambitious, Jun 21, 2019

    Your site needs to explain what the product is and why I want it. There really is no way around it. Yes, some people buy just the idea of a brand because it fits their ego's projection, but this is not even enough for this.

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