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  • Posted to Show DN: Jesse Chase, Product Design Portfolio, Mar 16, 2016

    Great stuff, Jesse!

    You may want to publicly hide your /assets/ folder, in case you have "protected" work to keep protected.

    Are these all static HTML files? Or you using a generator?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Can anyone help me with my Jekyll site?, Feb 07, 2016

    Considering the simple structure of the site, it might be easier just to write it all in Markdown – or a Markdown file for each Category.

    However, if you want to loop through... For your YAML file, just write it similarly to how you would write an outline. Category first, with nested Names and Links. You could also break them out into separate files.

    Then for your template, you would create a loop for each category, then output each name & link.

    {% for photographer in %} {{ }} {{ }} {% endfor %}
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  • Posted to Ask DN: Has anyone been using Figma?, in reply to Brian Hinton , Dec 21, 2015

    Not currently. Export options are JPG, PNG, SVG.

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  • Posted to AMA: Christopher Downer, Designer at Sketch, in reply to Ulaize Hernandez Troyas , Oct 15, 2015

    You could create a palette with a Shared Style, and then simply change the original color. Like this:

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