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  • Posted to Does anyone have experience, good or bad, buying Refurbished Apple products?, Mar 26, 2019

    Former Apple employee here — the majority of the time Apple Refurbished Products are items customers returned before the 14-day return policy. Apple can't sell as new anymore , so they inspect the product and sell at a discounted price.

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  • Posted to Card Slider [Swift, Open Source], in reply to he frank , Oct 31, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your site! Do you know if anything like a Codepen / JSFiddle tool exists for iOS development i.e. where iOS developers share code? Is that even possible due to browser capabilities?

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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, Oct 31, 2018

    Digital Designer with Front-End skills here:

    Anyone successfully use an iPad Pro for Web Dev.? I mostly use CodePen (unusable on touch devices) and Brackets for my code editor. I had the last gen iPad Pro and ended up selling it since it was mostly a coffee table item and couldn't justify keeping it for the price when I already have a Mac and iPhone. However, with tools like full-fledge Photoshop making their way to iOS, it might be time to re-purchase.

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer for iPad is out now in the App Store, with an introductory 30% off, in reply to Norm Sheeran , Jul 11, 2018

    Medium article incoming in 3...2...1...

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  • Posted to Zeplin 2.0 — Components and a ton more goodies, in reply to Eric Blattberg , Jun 20, 2018

    This right here ☝

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  • Posted to Made on an iPad Pro, in reply to Mike Stevenson , Jun 18, 2018

    Things like using it as a trackpad, additional display, etc. are all just a gimmick. Yes—the fast wire framing was pretty cool when using tools like Paper by 53, but it's not as convenient when using in the real world i.e. meetings, client reviews, etc. Everyone usually participates in these instances, so it's not like they're are going to hover over an iPad and ideate. The whiteboard is still the better option. I'm not an illustrator, so it's not useful to me as a drawing tablet.

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  • Posted to Made on an iPad Pro, Jun 14, 2018

    I just recently purchased and sold an iPad Pro. Here are my takeaways:

    It's a nice device—it really is. But I couldn't due much with it when it comes to my profession (UI Designer first, Front End Dev. beginner/intermediate second). I couldn't even use CodePen on it :-/ There's no UI Design tool available for it that I'm aware of. It's great if you're a traditional artist/illustrator or write articles for a living. And of course, it's great for anything else related to everyday tasks like browsing, paying bills, FaceTime, etc. So no—I don't believe you can make anything remotely close to a final release product on it.

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  • Posted to Is the new look of Reddit getting more like Twitter now?, May 04, 2018

    I don't dislike it, but in 2018, we need a dark UI.

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  • Posted to Get Framer Syntax theme for free, inspired by our popular code editor, Apr 19, 2018

    Is it just me? I don't see it when searching for Framer Syntax or Framer UI.

    EDIT: Search results now display framer-syntax and framer-ui.

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  • Posted to Sketch Plugin - Paddy, in reply to Ktrn Dsrs , Mar 08, 2018

    Agree. I've only used it for a couple of weeks and I can't imagine my workflow without out it. Sketch 49 broke it, but the developer made sure to update it ASAP. If I would have missed this being shared here weeks ago, I would have never known about it. So share away...

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